Cannabis Social Network ‘Kannatopia’ Is A Community For Marijuana Enthusiasts And Patients Alike

  • January 9, 2018

Almost 30 states in the US have either legalized or decriminalized various forms of cannabis for recreation, medical purposes, or both, despite it remaining illegal under federal law. The number of states permitting medical marijuana grew by almost 20 percent and the number of states with recreational marijuana doubled in 2016 alone – meaning that 95% of the US population now lives in a state with some form of legalized weed (including CBD). Which means that it’s high time (pun intended) for a social network for marijuana users – and Kannatopia has us covered.

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This Website Puts You One Bite Away From Delicious Food

  • April 24, 2014

People love food porn. Snap a picture of a tasty meal you’ve slaved over or a delicious restaurant dish you’re about to dig into and get ready for the onslaught of likes and jealous comments. Entrepreneur Tiffany WorthIt Tucker is a food porn connoisseur herself and she found herself lusting after the tasty…

More – Recipes Gallore

  • July 9, 2012

Allrecipes is a great website for finding new recipes and sharing great ones with others. There are recipes for many different types of dishes on This includes main dishes, side dishes, vegetables, appetizers, desserts, and everything else. Every day, features a recipe of the day and also highlights new recipes that their site viewers may find interesting.

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More – Share Food Pics

  • February 23, 2012

dishPal.comSocial networks for foodies go from strength to strength with the release of dishPal. This new site lets you share photos of these dishes that you’re eating, and it also allows you to share food-related stories with all your friends and acquaintances. And in addition to letting you upload images of these dishes that you’re having on any night out, dishPal lets you join thematic groups. This lets you interact only with like-minded individuals, which is just great if you’re a vegetarian and the mere sight of dishes that have meat makes you feel sick. Or if you’re a diabetic, and you want to avoid these foods that could pose a threat to your health. Joining a group means that such food will be automatically filtered out for you.

For the time being, dishPal is available only for iPhone and Android, but an iPad application is also on the works and should come to light shortly.

Sites and apps that dishPal competes with directly include Biggest Menu, SnapDish and Yumalicious.

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More – Social Site For Foodies

  • January 18, 2012

ShareTheFoodOnline.comA social network for people who love food and who are always looking for new recipes and for a chance to share the ones they already know, is free to join and use. Eight main food categories are provided: “Wine”, “Coffee”, “Cheeses”, “Desserts”, “Fruit”, “Pasta”, “Bread” and “Vegetables”. Lots of recipes and anecdotes are shared in all eight categories, and so are photos of dishes. And the site has also got a section where nothing but food videos are featured. These are mainly clips of chefs in action, showing you all the steps the pros take to cook the dishes discussed elsewhere on the site. All their secrets and techniques are revealed there.

And the site has also got a forum where you can ask whatever you want. If there’s something that’s not clear even after having watched a video four or five times, then just head down to this forum and post a question. More experienced users of the site will surely see to it.

As mentioned above, registration to the site is free. You can have an account created just by submitting your name and a valid email address, and picking a password to go with it. Just follow this link to get started.

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More – Taste New Food

  • December 14, 2011

LoveWithFood.comWhy spend hours and hours of what little spare time you have looking for original dishes to try, when you can have them delivered straight to your doorstep? That’s what this new startup is all about. can do all the searching for you, and deliver them to you in a box, once every month. The focus is strictly kept on bites that are both tasty and novel, and the food you’re receiving every month is changing from season to season.

And you’ll get to do much more than just eating the food you’re receiving. You’re encouraged to comment on it, and every single time you provide your feedback on the food you’ve tasted then you’ll receive a good couple of points in exchange. These will let you buy the products that you’ve sampled completely for free.

Besides, as a user of you’ll have access to a collection of the finest recipes on the world.

And it’s important to mention that for every box it sells, the company donates a meal to Share A Meal – No Kid Hungry.

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CookItFor.Us – Get Recipes Made For You

  • November 22, 2011

CookItFor.UsA site that’s been inspired by a very original idea, what Cook It For Us does is to let people add every recipe they see online to a list of recipes they want restaurants to make. The way this new site works, if enough people favorite a recipe then that will be made, and all the people who requested it be made will receive a direct notification when it’s ready.

The verb used to favorite a recipe on this site is “crave”. That is, just as you “like” a story on Facebook, on Cook It For Us you “crave it”. And then, restaurants “make it”.

All of the featured recipes are grouped together by category. “Seafood Recipes”, “Chicken Recipes”, “Pasta Recipes”, “Cakes”, “Vegetarian”… these and more are found on the site. And the ones that are more popular across all of the featured categories are highlighted on the homepage, for you to know what’s likelier to be made soon if you just “crave it”.

A service like this one is as interesting to customers as it is to restaurateurs. The former can get to eat dishes they could never make themselves, while the latter are ensured full attendance in these nights that would otherwise be a hard sell.

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More – Coloring Pages for Kids

  • October 11, 2011 coloring pages, kids’ crafts, and printable activities for kids are just a few of the resources available from The website also includes Sudoku for kids, jigsaw puzzles, jokes for kids, origami, and holiday crafts and coloring pages for kids. For children around the world, the also provides information about holidays in other countries, such as Halloween in the United States, Diwali and Bhaija-Dooj in India, and St. Andrew’s Day in Scotland. The ActivityVillage website also has special kids pages for certain sports, (such as the Rugby World Cup), and seasons.

Visitors to the website are invited to sign up for their free newsletter. The eNewsletter offers children’s activity ideas for parents, teachers, and other childcare provides as well as news and updates about the ActivityVillage website. Folks can subscribe by inputting their email address and confirming their subscription by clicking a link in the email they are sent from the website. Once their subscription is confirmed, members will receive free bookmarks which include quotes about reading which they can share with their children.

For cooking with kids, the Activity Village website offers a Family Recipes section. Recipes include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts which adults can make with children or encourage older children to attempt making on their own. Easy Crock Pot recipes, Lunch Box Ideas, Sandwich recipes and Vegetarian recipes are just a few of those offered on the ActivityVillage site. Special Holiday recipes can also be found.

If you’d like to challenge your children in specifically educational ways, the ActivityVillage website also offers a collection of educational resources such as Early Learning worksheets and printable, Classroom Resources, and even Learning Languages tools. also features an online store for folks who would like more materials beyond the online, downloadable, and printable kinds.

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More – Share Your Favorite Recipes

  • September 14, 2011

TheRecipez.comAn online community for food lovers, The Recipez is capable of turning even those who have a very limited culinary awareness into people who were born to wear chef hats. And it’s also sure to make you feel hungry, even minutes after having had brunch, I can tell you. It brings together so many recipes (and highly-detailed photos to go with these) that no person who visits it could fail to have a more developed understanding of cuisine at the end of it all.

And what good is a community without discussions? Those who join The Recipez are allowed to rate all the dishes that are featured on the site, and also to make any remark that they think could add some seasoning to what others have chosen to share.

As good as this site is, though, it’s hardly alone in doing what it does., BiggestMenu and a wealth of other sites are also part of the very same banquet. And I wouldn’t be surprised if someone questioned whether there’s room for yet another plate in the table or not…

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More – Recipes From Food Writers

  • July 11, 2011

Gojee.comMore recipes than you could shake at stick at. That is the one thing offered on this new website. It goes by the name of Gojee, and it is certain to enlighten even the most clueless among ones when it comes to cooking. The site can deliver personalized recipes to all its users. All it needs in order to know what to deliver to whom is exactly which kind of food the person likes, and what he has got in his larder. The moment it gets that information, then the application can look through its database of recipes, fetch the one that seems more suitable and have it delivered straight to the user for him to try and make it come to life.

All of the featured recipes have been hand-picked from reputable food writers. All types of cuisine are already covered, and Gojee can come up with suitable recipes regardless of how exotic the ingredients the user has are.

So, this is you best bet for coming up with a meal that will have people asking for another helping. The site can be joined at just no cost, so I guess you will be able to arrive at that very same conclusion by yourself. Just supply the basic information that is asked to get started.

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More – Store And Share Recipes

  • July 1, 2011

Taysti.comTaysti can be defined as a social cookbook that basically enables people to store their favorite recipes online, and have them shared with absolutely everybody. Fiends, relatives who are located faraway, food lovers that the user has yet to know in person… recipes can be shared and reshared with all such individuals, in the easiest way of all. It is all a matter of creating an account and beginning to make connections. And since accounts can be created at no cost, there is hardly anything that would keep people from using the site.

Once anything has been shared, it can be rated and reviewed by others. These recipes that merit the most positive responses from users are all obviously highlighted. And recipes can actually be recommended to others just by clicking on the button that is provided to these effects. Besides, buttons for sharing recipes on Facebook and Twitter are provided. As a result, it can effectively be said that Taysti is one of the most comprehensive recipe-sharing services currently available on the Internet. And remember, the site is free to use and open to any person who wants to give it a try.

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More – Cook Better Meals

  • June 29, 2011

IdealMealz.comRecipe sites are great for what they are, IE something that give people who are not really proficient in the kitchen the basic guidance for cooking something basically palatable. Yet, there are people who are so inept that they need something more. They need to be assisted at just every step of the process in order to stand a chance of getting it all right in the end, and not having to run downstairs five minutes before their guests arrive to buy some food to cover how they messed up big time. Well, this site is for all such people.

Named IdealMealz, it guides users all through the actual meal-making process. They are provided not only with recipes and cooking instructions, but also with a grocery list for getting the perfect ingredients and nothing but that when they are shopping. And coming back to the actual cooking instructions, these are provided both in written and video form. There is no way you could possibly get things wrong with the assistance provided on this site.

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More – Recipes For Beginners And More

  • June 24, 2011

SweetFry.comNo matter how hard some people try and how much they exert themselves, cooking is not for everybody. Some never manage to get past a certain (early) stage, and they are unable to put together even some really simple dishes. Which is quite frustrating from a personal point of view, and also disappointing monetary-wise as these individuals have to end up buying food that has been made by others. And which costs at least twice than it would cost if they were to cook it themselves. But the Internet simplifies lots of things, and cuisine is one of them. Sites like this one are here to let even people who have trouble acquitting themselves in a kitchen get things right.

SweetFry is site devoted to recipes. That is all you will find here. People who love cooking generously upload their own recipes for others to try them out in person, and these are broken down into lots and lots of different categories such as appetizers, desserts, breads, main dishes and pastries. All can be read for free.

By extension, this site is a great resource for people who cook really well and want to have all their recipes stored in a centralized spot. They will be able to do it on SweetFry – by uploading them just once, their recipes will become hosted on the Web forever more.

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More – The Best And Newest Recipes

  • June 2, 2011

Punchfork.comSo many recipe sites are around that something which collects the best of the best like Punchfork is not only a good idea, it is actually necessary in order to turn the search of online recipes into a productive experience. Punchfork does that. It takes the best and leaves the rest alone. It displays the tastiest recipes on its homepage, and it also lets you use a search tool in order to get as specific as you might want. Plus, something as important as actually having the best recipes that are featured highlighted can be done in just one click – you can request that only these recipes that have been rated the highest be displayed.

Additionally, users of Punchfork can have all the recipes which are surfacing on cuisine blogs and sites grouped together for easier viewing. Which is just great – you will be able to get acquainted with the latest trends, right as they are shaping themselves up. So, it can be said that this is a site that will let you cook more and better for sure. Give it a try – nothing has to be paid for using it.

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More – Illustrated Recipes For Everybody

  • May 16, 2011

TheyDrawAndCook.comRecipe sites are ten-a-penny, and for most people the one they end up using is an entirely subjective matter. They have mostly the same content, and present it in an identical way. Yet, there are sites that are slowly trying to break from the mould. And TheyDrawAndCook is one such site.

TheyDrawAndCook takes a more pictorial approach than competing sites by illustrating all the featured recipes in lots of different ways. Cartoons and infographic-styled images are the ones featured more recurrently throughout the site, and this means that both adults and children will get something from

These illustrated recipes actually come from users of the site, so those among you who have the time and the will to contribute their own drawings to can do it right away. The time, the will and also the culinary knowledge, of course. The best recipes might even make it into the printed books published by the company with these dishes that people search and use more actively.

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More – Store All Your Recipes

  • April 14, 2011

KeepRecipes.comHaving an online recipe box is easier than ever thanks to an application like this one. Keep Recipes will let you store just everything – the recipes belonging to your great-grandparents, the ones that you found on some new website that specializes in exotic cuisine, even the recipes that your best-loved celebrities are known to be keen on (as shared on their Twitter and Facebook accounts)… it is all the same. As long as it is a recipe, it will be something that you could store and keep safe on this website.

The site also makes it incredibly easy to browse through these recipes that make up its database thanks to the rich search interface that it has. In addition to being able to look recipes up by main ingredient and by type of cuisine, you will be allowed to find recipes by occasion. Which is far from insignificant, actually – most people I know can tell a mortifying story or two about having had to get food ready for some kind of thematic party or special celebration when they in fact have difficulty cooking a steak. Well, I do at least.

And if you need a really novel idea for a dish and time is at a premium, then simply check the suggestions that are provided on the homepage. There is enough variety to keep things reasonably tasty for everybody.

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More – Which Ingredients Go Together

  • April 11, 2011

IngredientPairings.comThe mere thought of having to get a meal together is enough to send some people rushing to their panic rooms, especially if the meal is involving business partners, the parents of his/her significant one, the person they want to become his/her significant one… In all three cases, a step out of line could cost you dear, and leave you in an unnecessarily tricky position.

Luckily, there are websites that simplify cooking to the point even a person who has never set foot on a kitchen would be able to come up with something tasty (and slightly-elaborated) without going raving mad in the process. This site is a fine example of that.

It does exactly what its name suggest – it will let you know which ingredients go with which when you want to know how to best combine what you have in your larder. The site allows you to execute searches ingredient by ingredient, and you will be able to pull full recipes together in no time at all. And both iOS and Android are supported, so that is your culinary needs covered on just all fronts.

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More – New Recipes To Try

  • March 29, 2011

Recipefy.comRecipefy has been created to let those who feel the sweat forming in their foreheads when someone mentions cooking have something of a less trying experience at the kitchen.

This site resembles a social network in which recipes are openly shared among members. Any person who joins Recipefy can proceed to get the recipes shared by those who are more far more skilled when it comes to the culinary world, complete with detailed instructions for replicating them to the tee in their own kitchens. And they will also be able to share any recipe that they have in their possession.

Who knows, maybe a more knowledgeable person will see them and point out anything which was wrong with them. That can always happen. And convincing your guests to come back after a particularly disastrous dinner would not be that hard in that case – after all, it was the recipe that was wrong. You just followed the instructions to the letter.

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More – Help For Cooking Better

  • February 21, 2011

Cookzillas.comPowered by Google custom search, Cookzillas is a site that can end all your culinary dilemmas and ruminations. No matter which kind of situation you are facing – you might be on a tight budget and only be able to afford the most basic of ingredients, you might need to learn a new foreign dish in a real hurry… this search engine for recipes is going to pull out you from your difficulties.

Through this site, you are enabled to look for recipes containing specific ingredients only, and the results will always be accompanied both by cooking instructions and by ratings. And just as importantly, you will be able to see images for each and every dish that is featured..

So, this is as good a way out of culinary junctions as any other. It costs nothing, and it provides timely results. What else could you possibly need in order to save the evening when there has been a change of plans?

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