More – Making Entrepreneurs Out Of Students

  • February 11, 2010

RecessWeekly.comYou know how it goes – the jobs that you can get at your Campus are seldom that motivating, and the meagre pay factors heavily into the equation. But as someone who is beginning to stand as a part of society on the whole, you just grind your teeth and soldier on.

It is not really any wonder that some people are developing alternative ways for students to work and pay their way while having a better time on the whole. Recess is one such alternative. Basically, it is a distraction publication which aims to provide students with some respite and take a break from their schedules. This publication is not only for students, but it is also done by students. That is where the “alternative to other typical campus jobs” bit comes in. Those who want to become publishers can do it through the site, and bring Recess to their Campuses. The workload is a coherent one – no working around the clock to get things done and published. That was only to be expected from a publication that comes from students and it is aimed at individuals in their same position.

Most of all, the ones after the whole Recess project aim to instill true entrepreneurial spirit into young men everywhere. That alone makes the site worth a visit for these students keen on starting to realize their potential as early on as possible.

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