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  • April 3, 2009

RevolutionAgainstRecession.comThis is a new web campaign for businesses that would rather do something than wait around for the world to end. The basic premise is that of sharing ideas, creating innovative changes and working together to get through the tough times.

The site includes online tips and free guides, and it gives anybody the chance to network with people who believe in positive action. Note that this is not really an “official” business site, but rather it is a site that revolves around user-generated content and that aims to spread as much optimism around as it can. As they say online, “No negativity allowed”.

At the end of the day, mixing with like-minded people who refuse to take part in a recession and look to be more creative, more innovative and more successful can only help anybody to develop his or her own survival skills and grow through the downturn. A very nice initiative, and I definitely recommend you pay it a visit in order to find the silver lining that should not be ignored.

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