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  • July 29, 2008

RebuiltEngines.comThough this is a website of engines, at first you may think these people aim to build the new Robocop, due to the size and complexity of these babies. At Rebuiltengines.

com visitors will be able to access a great variety of rebuild engines, remanufactured engines, rebuilt transmissions, and Crate motors. These products are mainly oriented for used on cars, trucks, SUV’s, and boats. Below the picture at the homepage you’ll see some yellow boxes where you’ll find the links that will lead you to the specific sections available. Categories include diesel engines, marine engines, high performance engines, and other links for customer support like Frequently Asked Questions and Info Request. At you will also find some most popular brands, such as Mazda, VW, and many others. Note that all of the links at the homepage, even the customer support ones will take you to external pages, all within the domain.

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  • May 8, 2008 provides pumps and systems to fifty major manufacturers.

Some of them are Berkeley Pumps, Myers Pumps, American Granby, Flint and Walling, Honda Engine Pumps, and many more. Among the products and applications they offer, there are: air conditioning, aquariums, boiler feed, condensate, fountain, food processing, fuel transfer, irrigation, marine, storm water, swimming pool, waste water, water gardening, sprinklers, etc. At the web site you will see all the products, as well as different accessories. Some of the accessories include: air volume, booster service, lift station, custom panels, float, timers, ball valves, gate valves, hoses, seals, pressure tanks, and other miscellaneous staff. They also offer a high quality service for repairs and rebuilds. Their team specializes in: pumps and systems repairs, electric motor rewinding and reconditioning, etc. If you have a question you can ask for a request quotation from the web site. Plus, you can shop on line from there too.

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  • May 5, 2008

Precisionengine.comA rebuilt or remanufactured engine has some inherent advantages over a conventional engine. The most immediate is that it makes for better fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Precision Engine Rebuilders is a company that specializes in such engines. The available rebuilt engines are split into three main categories. They are marine engines, performance engines, and replacement engines. Besides listing all the corresponding engines, each page includes a section whereby customers can ask engine-related questions, such as engine size, year and model, as well as performance details. On the other hand, there are engine rebuild kits for sale. These include oil pumps, gaskets, seals, rings, and bearings. Likewise, engine crank kits can be purchased, and they come complete with reground crankshaft, main, and rod bearings. Other available products include domestic cylinder heads. It is worth remembering (as the site points out) that when it comes to engine cranks kits and cylinder heads, they are mostly done on special order, so it is necessary to ask a salesman for further information.

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More – Everything For Your Mobile Home

  • April 25, 2008 – Everything For Your Mobile HomeDo you own a mobile home? Does it need to be fixed? If this is the case, you should take a look at

Paul Aka was the founder of the site and has a large trajectory on repairing mobile homes. Anything you need to repair, from plumbing or carpentry to texturing the walls, you will find it there. He also specializes in buying older homes and rearranging them. Other things he can help you with are: replacing floors, rebuilding kitchens, repairing plumbing; basically make them look like good and new again. Furthermore, there are many section and links on the left of the page for you to look for specific things, such as: tools, materials, renovations, cabinets, ceilings, gas lines, drain lines, windows, and much more. In addition, if you want information on how to finance a mobile home or like to know about loans, do not hesitate in visiting the site. – Everything For Your Mobile Home

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