More – Use Your Iphone To Ask For Help

  • June 1, 2011

RealHelpApp.comIt is good to see applications like Real Help among the avalanche of leisure apps and games that are always released on any single week. These are good for what they are, and they do play a role that is important to a certain degree. But Real Help shows us what a truly purposeful application looks like.

Essentially, Real Help is an emergency and safety app that lets users broadcast their position along with live audio and sound whenever they find themselves in any threatening situation. It is all done in a mere tap, as it is fit – the last thing that someone has the strength or time to do when things get hazardous is to start opening windows and tapping at the phone. Real Help is operated in a single motion, and all the people that one has designated as contacts within his address book will be called.

Real Help is a free application. You can get it at the iTunes store, and getting it ready to work is anything but tricky. The lengthiest part of the configuration process is actually designating the people to be contacted in an emergency.

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