More – Watching Movies That Carry A True Message

  • October 11, 2010

Realeyz.tvMy brother is the kind of person who is interested in everything. That includes independent movies, and he introduced me to them not so long ago.

I am really grateful for that.

These are works where a personal vision can always remain true to itself, and where the one who is speaking always does so using the kind of words that you often don’t get to hear in the movies that achieve mainstream recognition.

It is not that these movies are “better” or “worse” for that. It is just that they are consistently engaging and motivational. If you are in the mood for some reflexion and self-analysis, an independent movie will do.

And hundreds of them will do even better. That is what this site offers. Realeyz is a repository of the work of independent moviemakers. I think that the best summation of this site is actually provided on its “About” page: “We are ‘central station’ for the decentralized”.

And the site not only lets you get acquainted with the works of these directors, it also lets you talk with other enthusiasts from around the world. This is all the more interesting because you will be able to find further interpretations and elucidate these plot points you couldn’t fathom out yourself.

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