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More – Real Estate Social Bookmarking

  • January 27, 2009

Dwellicious.comIn a nutshell, Dwellicious takes the basic idea of the ever-popular social bookmarking site and circumscribes its approach somehow, turning it into a real estate tool for those looking for their next home. The main functionality of the site is letting such individuals organize, share and discuss properties by bookmarking them and sharing the bookmarked listings with others.

The site also comes complete with a set of convenient tools like maps and neighborhood information (including a detailed list of schools within each location). Property valuation tools and a list showcasing recent area sales are also provided for users to make better-informed decisions before parting with their hard-earned cash.

Since the bookmarks are actually stored on the web, these can be easily updated to reflect actual changes. For instance, when the price of any property goes up or down, such an event is taken into account online, and you will know about it. The same goes for events such as the addition of new pictures and so forth.

At the end of the day, this solution makes the exchange of real estate information and the subsequent discussion among parties an easy task, by providing a space where everything is kept centralized and fully updated.

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More – Find Real Estate for Rent or Purchase

  • July 24, 2008

CityCribs.comDo you want to move to New York? Are you looking for real estate for rent? In that case, it seems like might be a website of interest.
This site belongs to Elika, a real estate firm that sells and rents apartments in New York. offers information about properties for sale and rent in Le Italy, Midtown East and the Sutton Area in addition to Tribeca and Murray Hill. Do you want to sell your property in New York. Then you can visit this site and find information about the available property management services.

Are you lookign for apartments for rent or sale in New York? Do you want to sell your property? In both cases, you may want to visit this website and find real estate listing of apartments and homes for rent in the Sutton Area and Murray Hill in addition to Le Italy and Midtown East.

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More – Search for Your New Home

  • May 27, 2008

Houselocator.comAre you thinking about moving? Are you tired of your home? Maybe it´s time for you to make a big change. Take a few minutes of your coffee break to check out Houselocator.

com. Browse along the huge listings of houses and open houses across America that they have for sale. Check out the prices and conditions, you will find them low and reasonable. This great site is very useful, easy to use and has a great dynamic. Just pick any area from and you will get a better look. They will tell you all the houses the have in that particular area and you will have pictures and information on each one that will help you choose. So if you are thinking about moving take a minute and pay a visit to and you may find out that your future home.

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More – SE Goes South to Jersey

  • May 1, 2008, the New York based real estate listing service has now expanded down to Jersey. So far, Hudson Essex, Morris, Bergen and Passaic Counties are all covered.

As the name suggests, StreetEasy has made the daunting task of finding an NY apartment a much friendlier, less frustrating ideal. It has taken the same approach with New Jersey. The site gives users highly customizable search system. Searches can be filtered by the standard neighborhood, price, number of bedrooms, and also by building, zoned school area, and new developments. The site also compiles extensive demographic and statistical information about particular regions and neighborhoods. Recent sales are listed with the selling price in plain view. You’ve also got featured listings and quick snapshots of average price per square foot. Users can save searches and sign up for updates as new information comes along. There are also discussion boards and RSS feeds.

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More – Buy, Sell, Rent Real Estate

  • April 6, 2008

Thespacelink.comThespacelink is an online portal where people looking to sell their property can post it for free and those looking to buy it can do so at no cost. With both residential and commercial listings, Thespacelink looks to revolutionize the way that people buy, sell and rent real estate.

While individuals can search the database and buy without any commissions, Thespacelink also puts a variety of tools in the hands of agents looking to increase their bottom line. An agent can use the site to find properties and negotiate commissions directly with owners through an interesting “deal points” page. Since there is generally no seller’s agent, commissions are lower and agent, buyer, and seller all benefit.

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