QuickFuseApps.com – Come Up With Your Own Voice Apps

  • August 16, 2010

QuickFuseApps.comIf you think that the creation of interactive voice applications is something privative to developers (and seasoned developers at that), then this site will show you that the truth couldn’t stand further removed from that. Quick Fuse will let you come up with your very own IVR applications, and (once you have gotten the gist of it all) it will let you do so in as little as a couple of minutes.

That is made possible thanks to the featured drag and drop interface. You will be able to create the app that you need step by step, without needing to key in a single command. Every operation from greeting the caller to getting his ID number is arranged by dropping the relevant item into position. You will also be capable of executing other operations like recording messages and transferring calls right away.

And once you have finished the creation process and you want to put the app into action, then it’s a mere question of assigning the phone number that you want to go with it for calls to start being processed. And a campaign interface will let you place as many outbound calls as you want, too.

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