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More – All You Have To Do Is Ask

  • December 2, 2008

Answerly.comThere is no shortage of Questions & Answers sites, and they just keep on rolling along. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it will give you a chance to find one that suits your tastes minutely.

In case you have browsed through the available ones so far and did not like any of them, perhaps this one will click with you.

In general terms, the site comprises a “What do you want to know?” box and a question category that is presented as a drop down menu. You are also requested to furnish your e-mail address for contact purposes, and once somebody answers your query you will be directly notified.

The question categories on offer range far and wide, and some of these include “Recreation & Outdoors”, “Computers & Internet” and “Shopping & Product Advice”. You can even label your question as “Not sure” if you don’t know where to fit it exactly. As far as the question itself is concerned, there is a 120 character limit in order to keep things concise.

Other than that, the site lists the questions that have been asked recently and the number of answers that have been posted for you to check them out.

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