QuenchNetworks.com – Price Comparison Made Smooth

  • March 17, 2010

QuenchNetworks.comQuench provides a price comparison shopping platform with real time updates based on CPA. The service itself is based on real-time data feed aggregation, and it takes advantage of existing affiliate network relationships in order to produce accurate and pointed results.

It can be employed by websites aiming to market products of every denomination, and a widget is provided for displaying as many items as you want. Moreover, a WordPress plugin is featured so that those who run either blogs or sites powered by the popular platform are also accounted for.

In practice, this technology means that users won’t come across broken links and outdated products on websites when they are shopping.

For its part, the system empowers affiliates to keep 100% of their commissions – the basic product display widget can be used free of charge, and those who are looking for even better integration can go for the featured API. A (fair) monthly subscription fee should be paid in that case.

On the whole, these services are an almost foolproof way for any ecommerce site to enhance its standing, and ensure that customers have a smooth and always relevant experience. I advice you to pay the site a visit in order to read the full product overview and the complete list of features.

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