Quartzy.com – Manage Your Lab

  • August 29, 2011

Quartzy.comQuite an original web service, Quartzy is aimed at lab managers who are looking for ways to do their jobs in a faster and friendlier way. This new platform provides them with a centralized interface from which they can connect with labmates, manage their inventories, share protocols, receive maintenance alerts and (generally) handle all the operations that must be performed in a normal day at work.

And that also includes something as vital as managing orders. Users of Quartzy can filter orders by grant, by vendor, by lab member… knowing where did every order come from is done in minutes, and so is knowing who dealt with it and its eventual resolution.

Quartzy is a free application, and (by the looks of it) will always remain like that. Registration is taken care of by supplying some basic particulars, and specifying the laboratory that one works at. And users are also allowed to sign in with their Facebook accounts, and skip the whole registration process.

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