Cq.com – Congressional Quarterly

  • June 11, 2008

Cq.comAre you a fan of the political publication Cq.com? If you are, then you are sure to love Cq.

com. On the site, you will be bale to read about the publication in order to know how you can subscribe. If you want to advertise with the magazine, you will be able to find out how to go about that on the site. This will allow you to reach a bigger audience, since the magazine has many subscribers. If you want to know more about how congress works, you should check out the Congress 101 section. This will allow you to know more about how your elected officials vote on things that influence all of us. To know what is going on in the site, you can sign up to the newsletter. This will allow you to be updated everyday on what is going on at Cq.com. For more information, check out Cq.com. Cq.com

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LunaParkReview.com – Carnival of Little Magazines

  • February 23, 2008

LunaParkReview.comIf you ever been through a literature semester that was somehow related to the concept of avant-garde, you are probably very familiar with the notion that literary magazines and journals are regarded as art objects in themselves, a notion that Luna Park Review has built up as its editorial line. This only recently launched journal of literary magazines is distributing its first print edition since last week, and they introduced their website to go with it, which provides a service not unlike that of BookForum.

com, meaning daily updates of the articles, essays, pieces of opinion, blog posts, and other bits and pieces of interesting information or musings the internet has to offer, only it seems to focus a bit more in literary issues, graphic arts material and literary magazines, it’s true raison d’etre. The site presents these links without commenting on them, and generally next to other vaguely related, so that in general each day is a bit of an in-depth report on some random topic, examples of which are the posts Heroes of Literature (covering Superman, Richard Ford, and some groundbreaking literary magazines) or the one on Roberto Bolaño’s works. LunaParkReview.com

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