Quarterbore.com – Firearms Enthusiast

  • May 22, 2008

Quarterbore.comIf you like firearms, hunting, shooting, as well as other weapons, then you are probably going to like this website. Quarterbore.

com is a website run by a true arms enthusiast, who calls himself online Quarterbore. Here you can learn more about him and his love for weapons, including firearms and knifes. The website is divided into different sections, featuring information on all the different weapons this guy likes. Here you can find history, main features, and pictures of all these arms. Also, you can find plenty of links to similar websites and an online forum has been recently added. Here you can ask questions and get in touch with other arms lovers just like you. An online store has been added too, where toy can buy online books and CDs about guns, rifles, knifes, and other weapons. Finally, if you wish to make a contribution or make a comment on the website, all the contact info of its creator is available. Quarterbore.com

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