QuantiaMD.com – Interactive Physician Community

  • October 23, 2008

The Internet has a place for everybody to convene and exchange insight, and physicians are no exception. This web-based endeavor will let healthcare professionals connect with each other and interact over the web for the betterment and furthering of their profession.

The site is made up of different communities that can be joined, and these go by names such as “Emergency Medicine”, “Cardiovascular Diseases” and “Oncology”. Recent discussions are highlighted on the main page, and it is possible to visualize the articles posted by members that have received the highest rating by fellow site users in an immediate way. Another section that merits mentioning is the one entitled “Case Challenges”, as complicated cases are brought to the consideration of the online community in search of professional advice and support.

Becoming a site user is accomplished by filling out the registration form which is prominently displayed on the main page. In addition to personal particulars such as first and last name, it is necessary to furnish professional information like the title one has and the institution where one is employed right now.

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