Quanp.com – Online Visual Storage

  • June 30, 2009

Quanp.comA startup that comes from the Land of the Rising Sun, Quanp is one of the most interesting takes on online storage that I have seen recently. Basically, it will let you preserve your memories and manage them in a unique setting – a 3D one.

This makes for a more immersive experience, and faster reference than simply reading a name and a description.

In order to upload files to Quanp you must first install a desktop software that can be procured on the site. Once this software has been installed all you have to do is set up a local folder and your files will be uploaded automatically there. These files can then be accessed by whomever you like, as it is the norm with sites for file storage and sharing. Your family and friends can access the files, and the same goes for you colleagues. Needless to say, they can access the files from anywhere an Internet connection is available. The same goes for the addition of files whenever you want to update your online keepsakes.

The standout aspect of this new software solution is obviously the 3D visual browsing functionality. You can drag and drop everything as you go, and it is something that you must try firsthand in order to get the full effect. Words alone will not convey it. Just head to the “Download” section, check the requirements and test the water.

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