Lidlow Worldwide Inc. – The Evolution of Online Qual

  • December 31, 2007

Developed by former Itracks Qualitative teams Jamie Headrick and Jeff Jebson, Delve!Online brings many of the tools market researchers currently use in traditional discussion groups to online qualitative. Including international research capabilities and an exceptional service guarantee, Delve!Online totes an impressive list of new features and innovations to help MR professionals get more out of their online discussion groups while achieving a uncomplicated experience for participants.

Lidlow Worldwide Inc. has stated that its new software has been designed with ease of use in mind for all type of users, so clients, researchers, recruiters and, of course, participants can have better overall experiences with online research. The platform has all the basic features of other online Qualitative applications but is loaded with helpful additions such as Delve!NotesT and Delve!FlagsT; features that allows moderators to speed up their analysis by adding notes and flagging responses in their transcripts in real-time instead of doing all analysis post-research. Other helpful additions include descriptive titles for each section of the application to reduce new-user confusion, simple-question summaries so all users can easily see which question they are answering and WYSIWYG text editing to make text entry more like using common word processor applications.

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