Qilroy.com – Have Localized Conversations

  • August 27, 2010

Qilroy.comQilroy is a new chat service that takes the actual geographical location of users as the backbone of the whole process. The application will let you specify where it is that you are based and talk with people who are in your close proximity only.

Using Qilroy, you specify where it is that you are situated and then the current vibe around you will be displayed. You will be able to join conversations that are already underway, or start one of your very own with those who are nearby.

On the other hand, you can also employ Qilroy to have conversations with people who are located far away. For example, if you live in Buenos Aires and you want to talk with people who are in Disneyland then you can proceed to do it as naturally as if everybody were located around the corner.

The main page highlights not only the top recent conversations but also the most active users, so that if you want to sample Qilroy at its finest you can always pick any of these and see if the whole premise resonates with you or not.

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