Qhub.com – Creating A Questions & Answers Website

  • February 17, 2010

Qhub.comQuestions and Answers websites are going through something of a boom. It only makes sense that someone has released an application for the creation and implementation of one of your very own.

As a rule, a site of such nature has to be specific enough to give users a sense of focus, but not so specific that the knowledge apprehended through it is too concentrated in a single aspect of any given topic. Every reality is plural by definition, and it should be taken like that. Otherwise, you are not really telling the forest from the trees.

Keeping that in mind, you should be able to choose a topic to guarantee a minimum of visits and (most of all) loyalty. Creating the site involves founding and naming the group (your own domain can be chosen), and then inviting people to join in. The idea is that these users will gradually bring others in until everything takes shape.

As you can imagine, you are provided with full management capabilities. You can keep a firm gip on your members and the content that is submitted, and ensure that the questions and answers are relevant ones, and that no conversation strays from the main theme.

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