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  • February 27, 2008

QatarAirways.comOn your way to Qatar? Take a look at, this country’s national airline, and a very useful site indeed, where you will be able to find information on in-flight services, plus cargo and holiday destinations.

Users can explore pricing and schedules information, and make their ticket reservations/purchases online. Like most top airlines, Qatar Airways has partnerships with car rental and hotel chains around the world, so it could be a great idea to purchase a vacation or business package directly from the site to avoid paying expensive rates in your destination. At this site, users can also explore the benefits of this airline in terms of seating, comfort and cuisine, and even request that specific dietary needs be catered for. A great feature about this site is the Arrival Guides, which are sophisticated and useful city guides for selected destinations in Africa, Asia and Europe, which can be downloaded in several languages and will help you plan your stay by presenting you with relevant and concise information on touristic destinations, ways to move around town, and general local information, like stores operating hours, or where you should exchange your currency.

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