New Social Networking App Queskr Gets You Answers To Your Questions – Quick

  • February 15, 2018
“Where should we go for lunch?” “Should I get this pair of shoes, or this pair of shoes?” “When are we meeting?” If you’ve ever tried to ask these questions, or questions like these, over email, messenger clients, or most social media networks, you’ve probably been frustrated by either a delayed reply, or a lack of reply entirely. Whether it’s because the question got buried and missed among the dozens of other posts in their feed – or messages in their inbox or chat window – or it was seen and added as one of many To Dos that day and simply fell through the cracks, I think we’ve all been there, waiting for an answer to an often time-sensitive question. Queskr, a new social networking app, solves that need like no other social or chat platform does – allowing people to quickly ask questions and get answers.


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Q&A Session With Cellhelmet Founder Mike Kane

  • September 3, 2013

Cellhelmet founders Mike Kane and David Artuso pitched their service – a cell phone protection company – to investors in the Shark Tank during Season 4. They came in seeking a $160,000 investment for 20-percent equity. “Cellhelmet is the world’s first and only brand of accessories to include a safety…

More – Release Only Quality Products

  • October 18, 2010

TestPlanManagement.comTest Plan Management is an application for covering the deficiencies that there might be in your QA personnel. Because a fact is a fact – some members will be better than others, more consistent, more devoted to what they are doing… and that’s not even mentioning new testers that are yet to get into the swing of things.

When all is said and done, only some of them will be able to execute your testing with the accuracy that is needed to ensure no faulty software sees release.

Test Plan Management will let you do something about that. It makes software testing processes more effective by letting you track workflows from start to finish. As each build is released, you get to see how much has the tester in question progressed.

Currently, five paid plans are provided. Each comes with support for a different number of users – from 1 (“Solo”) to 200 (“Premium”). Of course, plans are upgradeable and downgradeable. And you can try Test Plan Manager for free during 30 days, too.

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More – Test Management Made Smooth

  • May 20, 2010

PractiTest.comPractiTest is a test management tool that aims to simplify QA processes from start to finish. It will let you centralize the way in which you test any application, how issues are reported and how everything is set to be corrected.

PractiTest makes for customizing project fields, custom views and the workflow of issues. In this way, you can focus the testing process on any specific spot that you want to ensure is entirely ironed out.

There are no setup or subscription fees to be paid for using this system, and the actual pricing model includes support and hosting along with maintenance and backups. You pay only for the actual modules that you use each month, and the number of users is also taken into consideration. A free and unlimited trial license amounting to 30 days is provided when you sign up.

All in all, PractiTest will let you take care of most software testing needs using a single (and fully integrated) system that ensures everything is synchronized, and that no problem will go undetected for long.

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More – The Software Testing Community

  • December 21, 2007

uTest.comuTest is a global online community for testing software. It provides a central location for virtually connected software testers to link on-demand to companies looking to test their products.

This virtualization ensures that companies can quickly upload the software and access testers, who in turn can rapidly review the product and send it back- drastically reducing the time of the traditional testing cycle. uTest also employs a “Pay Per Bug” business model; testers are paid based on the number of flaws they find in the software. These factors combined allow uTest to offer quality and economical alternatives to traditional testing services.

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