PXLPNT.com – Create Your Own Pixel Art

  • July 14, 2011

PXLPNT.comYou had to be an 80s kids to really understand what early computer games really meant, and how their graphic style (which was obviously dictated by the available technology) would become imprinted in the mind of every single one of us who played them all through our childhood. Sabrewulf, Three Weeks In Paradise, Starquake, Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, Saboteur… I could go for hours and hours, but there is actually a better way to illustrate how such titles touched our lives. And it comes in the shape of this new mobile app.

It is named PXLPNT, and it can be termed a graphic editor for the creation of pixel art. Yes, the kind of art all that any classic 8-bit game consisted of. This editor can be used right on your iPhone, and by choosing the colored blocks that apply then you will be able to design graphics akin to the ones featured in such games. And the fun is not stopping there, as you can proceed to have such design emblazoned on real life objects, and order them. If there is a better way to show others how fond you are of such a variety of art, please name it and I will eat my hat.

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