And Why Can’t A Startup Be All Fun And Games?

  • July 23, 2014

Who else is sick to death of hearing about productivity? Whereas the prizes for productivity are… oh, wait, there aren’t any except for maybe more and more work, the prizes for playing a classic game like Pac Man are: adrenaline, sharpened motor skills, gobbling flashing ghosts, and more LEVELS!!!!!!!…


Arcadepod.com – Online Games for Everyone

  • August 17, 2012

A great place to find a wide variety of video games for hours of entertainment is the website ArcadePod.com. Today’s culture is full of electronic entertainment that captures our attention. Online arcades are a leading source of entertainment for a great deal of people. Boredom can be no excuse once you stumble upon the treasure trove of fun offered through this well designed and easy to navigate website. No matter what your taste for gaming, ArcadePod.com has over 1000 offerings of free online selections that are made with Java, Flash and Shockwave technologies. Page layout and search options make it easy to navigate the site’s substantial library of games making it easy for you to sample different genres on the road to finding your favorite games.

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Allstarpuzzles.com – A Huge Collection

  • July 9, 2012

The website allstarpuzzles.com is a resource that has aggregated many of the most enjoyable riddles and logic games on the internet. On allstarpuzzles.com, users can sift through a large assortment of puzzles and choose their favorites over and over. You can also try new games that you have never played before because allstarpuzzles.com has so many to choose from. The site is the premier puzzle site on the net and provides visitors with the largest collection in the world. The best part about this resource is that the games are absolutely free. Visitors are given no charges at all, and everyone is encouraged to spend as much time as possible playing the games without any worry of hidden charges.

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DigBejeweled.com – Play Bejeweled Online

  • December 4, 2008

DigBejeweled.comBejeweled is a puzzle game by PopCap Games, first developed 2001 and already sold more than 25 million copies. Since its launch almost 10 years ago Bejeweled has been very popular and still played by people of all ages.

The object of the game is to change one precious stone with the one next to it in order to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more jewels. Bonus points are given when you can form a line with more than three identical jewels or two lines of identical ones in a single swap. These stones disappear when chains are formed and they fall from the top to fill in gaps.

DigBejeweled.com is the home for Bejeweled fans and provides a few variations of the Bejeweled game, all of which can be played online with no installation. Users can save their high-scores after registration and compete against other people playing at the same website.

On the site you’ll not only be able to play Classic, Timed, Atlantis, and Fishdom Bejeweled, you’ll also be able to see other player’s scores, take a look at some strategies that can help you with your game, and even play solitaire and sudoku (in case you want to take a little Bejeweled break).


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ZuiGames.com – Flash Games For Kids

  • December 2, 2008

ZuiGames.comA large portion of online game players are under the age of 12, many parents are concerned about the content in the games their kids play. That’s why ZuiGames offers a variety of online games flash games that are apt for players of all ages.

You won’t have to worry about your child being exposed to the type of content you don’t approve of.

These games are kid friendly and offers all types of players, whether young or old, a fun experience. The site features a wide variety of games that appeal to all tastes. Players will find all sorts of arcade and action games, puzzles, sports and racing games, educational and dress-up games.

Little girls can have fun dressing up for their dream wedding or a night out on the town, and boys can enjoy themselves knocking each other out in a boxing match. No matter what types of games you enjoy most, the selection here is big enough that you are sure to find a game you love.


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WhiteMountainPuzzles.com – Puzzles For Sale

  • July 29, 2008

WhiteMountainPuzzles.comMany things change in this crazy world we are living; however, some things remain the same. The way people enjoy and play since their early years hasn’t changed much.

Furthermore, people still play with the same toys like many years ago. Puzzles and jigsaws are still one of the options most selected by children everywhere. If you would like your children to play with puzzles, like you used to when you were his age, check out this site. At whitemountainpuzzles.com you will see tons of jigsaws for you to choose from. The greatest thing about puzzles is that it’s an activity you can enjoy with the whole family. Many of the puzzles you will find at this site are educational, so that your kids can learn while playing. On the main page of the web site there is a navigator bar containing all the products. These latter include: posters, post cards, puzzle post cards, 550 piece jigsaw, American History, etc. WhiteMountainPuzzles.com

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AcreageEquines.com – For Horse Lovers And Enthusiasts

  • July 29, 2008

AcreageEquines.comIf you are looking for information on horses and their care, horseback riding and equestrian sports, this is the right place for you. You can explore this website by the categories located at the left hand side of the homepage.

These categories are: Local Interest, Horse Lore, Horse Books, Horse Puzzles, and Horse Talk. You can join the Horse Talk forum, where you can ask questions, offer your knowledge or express your opinion on horse related topics. The Equestrian E-Books and E-Products will provide you with information to improve your riding. Find out how to find a boarding stable where you and your horse will be happy in “How to Find the Perfect Place for your Pony” e-book. You can purchase these products online. At this website store you will find books, magazines, posters, videos, toys, and games on equines, their behavior, care, riding, and training. This is the first place to look for products promoting positive human-horse inter-relationships. AcreageEquines.com

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Spfdbus.com – Animal Specie’s Information

  • July 24, 2008

Spfdbus.comSpfdbus.com is a website created in Springfield, Missouri.

Their aim is to instil love of animals of all kinds and generate the social awareness of endangered species. While you look for information with your family, you can all have a great time whilst learning how to preserve the animals and their environment. In addition, there are lots of screensavers, puzzles, online games, etc. On the main page of the web site there are diverse categories, such as: holidays, child ID kits, exotic cats, pachyderms, primates, bears, canine types, Hoofed animals, marine animals, bird, etc. Within the exotic cats there are white tigers, African Lion, Barbary Lion, Jaguar, Leopard, Siberian, White Serval, Backyard Tiger, Snow Leopard Bobcat, etc. Some of the bears you will find information about are: polar bears, Alaskan brown, and Black Bear Cubs, among others. In addition, there are lots of fun games for the kids, like puzzles and animated jigsaws. Spfdbus.com

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JigZoneShop.com – Puzzle Lovers Paradise

  • July 18, 2008

JigZoneShop.comDo you love puzzles? Well, you have just reached the right place. JigZoneShop.

com is the official website of Jig Zone, the puzzle emporium. JigZoneShop.com has hundreds of traditional jigsaw puzzles. From a family photograph you can have your own personalized and customized puzzle. Do you know that you can have jigsaws for your PC? Unbelievable. You will love the Puzzles computer game from JigZone. In the volume 1 of this series, you will find incredible pictures that you can divide into 4 – 2120 pieces depending on your skill level. The pieces rotate 360 degrees, so you will feel like really puzzling but without the mess. With this game you can create your own puzzle from a photo you love. The JigZoneShop.com selection of classical puzzles is fantastic, you can choose puzzles by the number of pieces, from 1000 to 24,000; by type, 3D , glow in the dark, children’s, shaped, puzzles in puzzles; by theme, animals, travel, art, inspirational, nature, people, angels, Disney, food, history; and much, much more. JigZoneShop.com

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Cryptograms.org – Play Cryptogram Puzzles Online

  • July 7, 2008

Cryptograms.orgDo you enjoy doing word puzzles? If the answer is yes and you would like to participate in some word puzzles then you might like to try doing cryptograms. A cryptogram is a puzzle in which a short piece of text is encrypted with a simple substitution cipher.

These puzzles are then solved by working out which letters need to be swapped to form a legible sentence, name or phrase. These puzzles originally were used for more serious applications, but are now used simply as fun puzzles that can be found in newspapers, magazines and online. If you would like to try testing your brain out with a few cryptograms then you might like to take a look at a web site at the address of www.cryptograms.org. This web site contains an amazing number of more than eighteen thousand cryptograms, the site offers explains cryptograms and how you can go about solving the puzzles on offer. Cryptograms.org

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Free-Online-Word-Search-Puzzles.com – For All The Famil

  • July 7, 2008

Free-Online-Word-Search-Puzzles.comThis site offers a wide variety of fun word puzzles completely for free. These are puzzles where you will need to find the hidden word in the grid.

Here you will be able to find all the information you need to know about the site itself and about how to play word search puzzles. To start off in this site you can go to the right hand side of the homepage to find a list of categories such as Bible, Cinema/TV, History, Music, Science and many more. By clicking on any of these you will access puzzles containing words related to the category that you select. If not, you can always look in the list of favorites as well. When you enter a category, you will be able to select the puzzle that you prefer among the list available. By clicking on the one of your choice you will be automatically able to start playing, no fees, registration or anything else needed. Free-Online-Word-Search-Puzzles.com

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TeacherTools.org – By Teachers For Teachers

  • July 3, 2008

TeacherTools.orgThere are some teachers that have realized they don’t have enough tools in educational institutions to guarantee a complete and effective education to their students. As a result, they have decided to take advantage of all the possibilities internet offers.

This website is a consequence of this critic consciousness, and it aims to serve the teachers’ community throughout the United States and the world. At TeacherTools.org the main objective is to provide functional and practical solutions for making the lives of the average Teacher a little easier. The site offers a forum to share ideas, documents, and creations. The web was designed to bring people together, and its developers hope that they can in some small way act as a catalyst in bringing Teachers together. Therefore, the site demands every teacher’s participation, since each role in the educational process is crucial. Check the site’s resources on the left hand of your screen, where you will find news, awards, bulletin boards, puzzles, forms, and lesson plans, among other features. TeacherTools.org

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Wordsearchfun.com – Free Word Search Puzzles

  • June 29, 2008

Wordsearchfun.comAre you one of those persons who love word search puzzles? Do think that kind of puzzles are a great brain exercise? If you are looking for different types of word search puzzles for you and your kids; this is the site you will definitely need to check out. Who said puzzles were only for kids? That’s not true at all.

Puzzles are for all kind of people, so don’t feel ashamed if you are grown up and like them. In this site you will find a large archive of word search puzzles for you to enjoy. Will you be able to check out, choose, and solve all of the 69,000 puzzles available? Will you? That’s quite a challenge, isn’t it? You can try; there is nothing you can loose because these puzzles are free. I still didn’t mention the name of the website, did I? It is Wordsearchfun.com. Check out the site for more information. Wordsearchfun.com

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VarietyGames.com – Crossword Puzzle Maker Software

  • June 28, 2008

VarietyGames.comVarietyGames.com is a site that provides you with a selection of crossword puzzle software.

If you like crossword puzzles then at this site you will be able to find the best software to create them that is available. Crossword puzzles can be a great entertainment for everyone so having the chance to have a software that allows you to create new ones is great. The information provided by the site is organized in different categories such as home: crossword software, download free demo, buy & unlock online, description, raves & reviews, screen shot; free stuff: print free puzzles, newspaper style crosswords, free form crosswords, word search puzzles, cryptograms, software and custom puzzle service. So if you are interested in this subject and want to get further information on how to obtain this puzzles then you should check out this site. VarietyGames.com

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Puzzlebee.com – Make Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

  • June 27, 2008

Puzzlebee.comIt is always handy to have a game or two for the amusement of the younger ones. Old classics have found their way into computers, and their electronic incarnations capture the glory of said games to a certain extent.

Jigsaw puzzles are no exception. One of the most notable features that electronic jigsaw puzzles have is that for a long time now the user has had the ability to make up his own jigsaw puzzles. Imagine the entertainment a small kid will derive from having his favorite images as puzzles to construct time and again, and it will dawn on you why a visit to a site like PuzzleBee is a good alternative for keeping your children entertained. Basically, the site will provide you with the resources to create a jigsaw puzzle from any given picture. In addition to that, the company offers puzzles that can be embedded as a banner advertisement on any website, effectively making for a new and viable form of advertising. Puzzlebee.com

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Imbored.com – Fun Links To Help Pass the Time

  • June 26, 2008

Imbored.comHave you got a bit of free time on your hands at the moment? Are you sat in front of your computer with nothing to do? If the answer is yes and you are genuinely bored then you might consider taking a look at a web site on the internet that offers its visitors the chance to find a wide range of fun activities online. The web site which is under reference can be found on the internet at the rather apt address of www.

imbored.com. This web site offers its visitors the choice of a wide range of online activities that they can seek out and participate in. The site offers links to such things as movie guides, television listings, music sites, online gaming sites, animation sites, chat pages, sports information sites, online puzzles and more. This web site is well organized with a simple lay out and it will be but a matter of minutes before you have forgotten how bored you were. Imbored.com

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QuandaryLand.Com – Quandary Fun For Everyone

  • June 26, 2008

QuandaryLand.ComQuandary is an on-line computer game magazine dedicated to their favorite games: adventure games, puzzles games, and role-playing games. Its name is Quandary because these games serve up exciting challenges and stories designed to intrigue and perplex.

You might well find your self faced with a dilemma, or by in Quandary, the fun is in escaping and moving on. Joining in a story, overcoming challenges, solving puzzles, fulfilling quests, and exploring new and fantastic lands is fun for everyone regardless of age and gender. Exercising the mind can be just as much fun as exercising the trigger finger. You can browse the site by its many categories located at the left hand side of the homepage. These categories are: Home, Quandary Forums, Current Issue, Reviews, Walkthroughs, Featured Articles, Interviews, Previews, Buy Games On-Line, Help, Steve’s XP Corner, Crystal Ball, Free Fun, About Us, and Links. If you have any questions contact them via email. QuandaryLand.Com

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Smart-kit.com – The World Of Puzzles

  • June 25, 2008

Smart-kit.comDoing puzzles can help you keep your mind young. The creator of this website thinks that the common belief that doing only crossword puzzles can help you with that is completely false.

The objective of this website is to create a brain gym and puzzle playground. You will be able to find puzzles, brain teasers, interactive exercises, thinking games, and many other entertaining activities. This site is also interested in informing about topics like intelligence and the functions of the brain (you can read articles about these subjects). In order to use all the features that this site offers, you need to register. The registration process is quick and easy, because you just need to submit your email and some personal data. There is a search engine at this website that can help you if you are trying to find a specific piece of information. If you want to test your brain, visit Smart-kit.com and take a look at the puzzles and brain teasers they offer. Smart-kit.com

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FreeWoodPuzzles.com – Entertain Your Kids All Day

  • June 23, 2008

FreeWoodPuzzles.comAre you looking forward to these school holidays? Are you looking forward to having your children run around the house causing havoc everywhere they go? Are you looking forward to your kid’s getting bored and trashing the house? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you must be out of your mind. School holidays can be a parent’s worst nightmare.

You have to take your kids out of the house to be able to keep them happy, and the list never ends. The worst part is that all that entertainment costs money. Stop right there, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. If you log on to FreeWoodPuzzles.com now, you will find the best range of entertainment for your kids online and for free. FreeWoodPuzzles.com holds an immense amount of free puzzles, some of them easy, some of them hard. Keep your kid’s brain working on these holidays and keep them entertained at the same time. Log on to FreeWoodPuzzles.com now. FreeWoodPuzzles.com

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AddicitingGames.Com – Find Something Interesting

  • June 23, 2008

AddicitingGames.ComMany people enjoy playing games on-line. Instead of browsing the entire internet in order to find the different games you want; just visit AddictingGames.

Com where you will find the latest and the oldest games at only one place. They empower individuals, organizations, and businesses by providing unique up-to-date information. Their dedicated team of professionals strives to gather the most relevant content for their users. They specialize in arcade games, bike games, online gaming, sports games, fun quiz, and an array of other products and services. You can browse the site by its many categories located at the left hand side of the homepage, including Arcade Games, Bike Games, Online Gaming, Sports Games, Fun Quiz, Shooting Games, Board Games, Brain Teasers, Card Games, Puzzles, and Racing Games. Once you click on any of the categories you will be provided with a list of all the websites that offer that specific game. AddicitingGames.Com

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