Put.io – Do More With The Files You Back Up

  • September 7, 2010

Put.ioPut.io is a new service that sort of redefines the way in which files are stored online.

Let me explain it to you. It is not that the files are stored differently, it is the uses these files can be put to once stored which is different. Basically, anything that you store can be streamed right away.

This means that if you store all your music on Put.io, this will be reproducible on the spot. Any device that can browse the Web will let you do it, and that includes iPhones and also PS3s.

This service can be used not just for the streaming of music – you can also stream movies and video clips of every kind. And Put.io will likewise let you follow your favorite RSS feeds and download new content automatically. This works not only with blogs but also with torrents and podcasts.

And the site has also got a social aura since you will be able to share the folders that you have created with just whomever you like – your friends, you colleagues… the choice is entirely yours.

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