PushToCustomers.com – A New Approach To iPhone Apps

  • February 1, 2010

PushToCustomers.comPush To Customers is a subscription-based iPhone app service that is intended specifically for businesses and marketers. At its most basic level, it is a tool that will empower these individuals to take a Twitter or Facebook account and turn it into something akin to an iPhone app.

In that way, connecting with customers on the iPhone becomes as easy as setting up a Twitter account or a Facebook Page.

Features of the app include not only Facebook and Twitter connect but also one-on-one messaging along with one-to-many push messaging for reaching multiple customers at once. You can also send an unlimited number of these messages. And the app is fully customizable in terms of branding, too, so that your corporate identity will be fully translated into the finished app.

A version of this service that is aimed at users of Androids is also under development, and it will be interesting to see that materialize and include each and every feature mentioned above. Also, I bet many are wondering up to which degree iPads will (and will not) be supported.

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