PushNotify.com – Receive Real Time Notifications

  • January 29, 2011

PushNotify.comPushNotify lets the busy ones receive timely updates whenever their favorite blogs and applications are modified. These can be received via text messages, and they can also be served as voice alerts. And a central push feed is likewise provided for those who want to remain up-to-date, but are in no hurry to know about new developments the very same minute they have taken place (or who are adverse to receiving SMSes in the middle of meetings, for example).

Setting everything up is really easy. An account is created by just furnishing some basic particulars, and then you have to supply your email and/or your phone number, according to how you want to be contacted. And you are also requested to subscribe to the feeds that you want to be eventually displayed on the push feed window.

And an API is provided for those among you who like the concept that lies at the heart of Push Notify, and who have the knowledge (not to mention the time) to take it even further. An API ID and a key are easily procurable.

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