PurestColloids.com – Home Of The Mesocolloids

  • May 27, 2008

PurestColloids.comPurestcolloids.com is a New Jersey corporation that manufactures high quality nano-particle metal colloids; these products are sold for dietary supplements only to aid the promoting health and well being.

Within this site you will be able to find a section with all the products available, such as MesoSilver, MesoGold, MesoCopper, MesoCopper Skin Conditioner, MesoPlatinum, MesoPalladium, MesoIridium, MesoTitanium and MesoZinc; by selecting any of these products you will be able to find full information about the product, such as the scientific advancement, the effectiveness, the active ingredients, the powerful combination of properties, the dosage and color information, and the possibility of ordering it by the second. There is a Learning Center, which provides information for your personal knowledge with Meso-World visualization, Mesoprocess, Mesoparticles, Mesocolloids, effectiveness, MesoSilver vs. Ionic Silver, surface area comparisons, colloidal silver toxicity, history of Silver, of Gold, of Copper, and many different interesting articles for you to know about the product before the purchase. PurestColloids.com

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