Pupiltube.com – Learn Anything Through Online Videos

  • December 7, 2009

Pupiltube.comThis site offers a thorough collection of how-to, tutorial and explanatory videos. The idea is to gather knowledge together and then sharing and promoting it in a setting that is dynamic enough to accommodate the needs of people in this digital age – an age where attention spans are different from what they were before.

Besides, the site is not only limited to in-house videos – all how-to videos are more welcome.

That is why there is a really ample set of categories to choose from already. These include “Craftsmanship & Hobbies”, “Languages”, “Home & Garden” and “Health & Beauty”. Besides, a “Business & Finances” section is included for all aspiring entrepreneur to get to learn the ropes as quickly as they might need to.

Features such as a section in which the latest videos are highlighted are actively included, and you can also watch promotional videos in the part of the site that goes by the corresponding name.

All in all, the site is an interesting repository of knowledge. It is not the only one, of course, and it will be interesting to see which distinctive features are eventually added to make it stand out a little from the rest.

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