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  • July 25, 2008

ZimFamilyCockers.comIf dogs are your favorite pets, but you specially enjoy cocker spaniels, you should ineludibly check this site. This is the online home of Zim Family Cocker Spaniels, a house of American cocker spaniel breeders located on the central coast of California.

They invite you to have a look at their online version and access a great amount of resources related to this breed. But you’ll particularly enjoy the site because it’s full of pictures of cockers, as well as photos of the adorable puppies these breeders have raised through the years. Below the introductory welcome at the homepage, you’ll see a long list of featured sections, where you’ll get information about most varied topic. Categories include cocker puppies, how to groom a cocker spaniel, pupapalooza, information about the breed, and much more. Click any of the titles to access interesting articles with relevant information and the best tips for you to put into practice with your own pets. ZimFamilyCockers.com

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