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  • January 29, 2008

www.PunkRock.org PunkRock.org is a community for all things punk rock.

PunkRock.org offers a wide list of cool ways to get to know punk music and the punk community better; you can check out the site’s most popular punk bloggers, shop for punk memorabilia, watch videos, find guitar tabs the list goes on and on. What is more, it’s also really easy to find people who share your love for punk music; the search tool lets you browse for other registered users by location, sex, and age, and you can even specify that you want to search for users who are online while you are. In addition, the site also offers three different types of registration created to fit your specific needs and also features that come with each registration category depend on whether you are an organization, individual, or band. www.PunkRock.org

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