LitLiberation.com – Scalable Education Revolution

  • October 9, 2007

LitLiberation.comLitLiberation is the largest online literacy experiment in history boasting a goal of raising $1,000,000 in one month. Timothy Ferriss, the idea man behind LitLiberation, is optimistically on the prowl for donors who want to improve education in US public schools and in developing countries.

Interested parties can set up a personal donation challenge page, which they can promote to their friends and family. There are separate templates for domestic schools and for developing countries to make the donation information as clear as possible. LitLiberation is shooting for an astronomic goal and will accept everything from small donations to stock and larger donations. The coolest part is that everyone who spreads the word is eligible to win ridiculous prizes such as a roundtrip ticket anywhere in the world, lunch with the co-founder of YouTube and VIP passes to exclusive parties with CEO’s and celebrities. Hopefully winners can choose their prizes, considering some of us might actually think of partying with CEOs a punishment. The month-long fundraiser began on October 1st and runs 30 days so what are you waiting for? Visit LitLiberation.com and spread the word.

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