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ElBoricua.com – Cultural Publication For Puerto Ricans

  • March 23, 2008

ElBoricua.comElboricua.com is the website of El Boricua; a monthly publication which is available online only.

Both the website and the monthly publication have as an objective to provide the children of Puerto Ricans with information on culture and history so that they can remember where they come from. The articles displayed on the site are a sample of the ones on the monthly magazine. If you are a contemporary poet or artist, you will be happy to know that you can publish your work on El Boricua, which promotes Puerto Rican cultural activities. The web site provides Boricua kids with Puerto Rico lesson plans in order to use in classroom. This site provides a lot of information, however, if you want to read more articles concerning Puerto Rico you can buy the monthly magazine. By buying the magazine, at the same time, you are supporting the cause and helping them pay the bills in order to keep the page open. ElBoricua.com

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