More – Raise Money For Your School

  • April 25, 2008

Publixboxtops.comPublix Supermarkets is one of America’s most famous and recognized supermarkets. Year over year, charity campaigns are organized by Publix, in order to help the community.

Publix Box Tops is one of them and it aims to help primary schools all over the country. The process is very simple. The schools register themselves in this website and they start to collect the box tops coupons on some of Publix’s products. Each coupon is worth 10 cents. Since this program was launched, 200 million dollars were raised for participating school. As an average, schools get every year 20.000 dollars, which they can use as they feel more convenient. At this website you can check how much your school has earned so far and check if it’s already registered. If it is not, then you can register it by yourself. Up to now, more than 90.000 K8 schools arte registered on this program.

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