More – A Widget For Monetizing Tweets

  • August 31, 2010

Publitweet.comIf you have a blog, you also have a Twitter account to go with it. That is only natural and entirely logical.

Your Twitter account gives people a true insight into the kind of content that you publish on your blog. Both are interconnected. And the same happens if you have a site. What you publish on Twitter gives people an exact idea of what to expect if they check out your site.

Well, Publitweet is a new widget that will let webmasters and bloggers bring their sites and blogs one step closer to their Twitter accounts. We could describe Publitweet as a widget that can be added to the site (or blog) in order to display all the corresponding tweets. This is sure to make any site or blog even more engaging. Not only that, the content that you begin sharing like this is monetizable. Integration with Google Analytics will let you know whether people are reading this content or not, and how much they are sharing it on Facebook and related social resources.

One of the most interesting aspects of Publitweet is that you can also have other people’s tweets displayed by using the provided widget. This gives you a ready chance to benefit from the insight of people who might be more knowledgeable than you, and who might motivate your visitors in ways that you currently can’t.

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