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  • January 25, 2008

Jaanix.comJaanix is a publishing tool and post aggregator. The main site comprises user submitted items.

These are meant to be rated jaa or nix, depending on whether you like the item or not. Jaanix’s radar will pull up content and recommend it to you based on your ratings. Additionally, there are sliders on the right hand side which can be used to indicate your interest in different subjects—humor, youtube, weird, photography, and the like. There’s a posting button so that you can add content to Jaanix as you surf the web. Soon to come, threaded conversations, comment ratings, and stats among others.

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More – Publish Your Article

  • October 1, 2007

www.HubPages.comWhat are you really keen on and you want to share it with others? Get to do this by visiting and publish information of a topic you simply love to write about, by simply publishing your own hub.

What is is the leading online publishing ecosystem with easy-to-use publishing tools. Hubbers (authors) earn money by publishing their Hubs, on topics they know and love, and earn recognition among fellow Hubbers through the HubScore ranking system. Each Hub contains an article you write that’s filled with insight, advice, and information on your favorite topic. provides a search infrastructure which drives traffic to Hubs from search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Publish your article and connect to people interested in the same topic you wrote. Sign up for free, and start quickly creating your hubs, each click made to your hub gives you money!

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