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  • May 26, 2008

HarpWeek.comAre you looking for information on the biggest publishing and printing company in America and around the world? The biggest printing and publishing company is called Harper-Collins. The official website of the Harper’-Collins is HarpWeek.

com and it is an online library containing loads of information on the Harper-Collins Company. How did the Harper publishing company come to be? The publishing company was founded in 1817 by James Harper and his brother John Harper. The company started off as a small printing firm in New York called J. & J. Harper. The other two Harper brothers then joined the company and the company grew and became the largest book publishing company in the United States by 1825. The company’s name then changed in 1833 and is now known as the Harper-Collins Company. The official website of the Harper-Collins company is o find out more information on the Harper-Collins company and its history, please head to

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