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  • January 24, 2011

PublishedIn.comLetting businesses and online publishers connect with each other and collaborate more dynamically is what this new site is all about.

Publishers, bloggers and webmasters that sign up for PublishedIn will be able to place links on their blogs/sites, and get a referral bonus each time a visitor clicks on any of these. And companies and businesses are going to expand their existing networks exponentially, reaching lots of new customers in the process.

In other words: businesses get an increase in traffic (and quality traffic at that), whereas publishers earn cash rewards from their online content.

And it must be said PublishedIn is a really practical platform in the sense that advertisers only have to add an ID to their sites to verify who they are, and to let webmasters and bloggers begin linking to them. And webmasters and bloggers are also greatly benefited by this service, since they have to use no website space or anything like that to link to the advertiser. They keep on creating content as they always have done, and the links will be placed right in the content for visitors to click on.

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