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More – Raising Cash By Sacrificing A Name

  • August 22, 2007

HoldMyRecord.comCorporate sponsorship, love it or hate it, one cannot deny, certainly does rake in the money, which is probably why, of the many, fantastic, harebrained schemes out there, Stan Oleynick’s Hold My Record project, sounds startlingly familiar. The idea: the 23 year old Mr.

Oleynick will auction off his name to the highest bidder in order to raise money for an internet project. He will then proceed to get into the infamous Guinness Book of World Record’s by manually typing the words one to one million faster than anyone else. Once he’s gotten into the book, the company after which he’ll be christened will receive buckets of free publicity. The HMR auction will end 100 days from the date of the official launch. Stan will keep his name changed for one year. If he fails to get into the Guinness, he’ll refund all the money. Mr. Oleynick certainly has bravado. Lots of luck to him.

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