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More – Public Opinion On The Web

  • February 16, 2009

GoodBaad.comThe premise behind this website is truly a simple one: those who visit it can opine on different issues and cast a vote that is either “good” or “baad”. The items that can be voted upon rage far and wide, and these go from personalities and celebrities such as Barack Obama and Alex Ferguson to brands and companies like Pepsi and Coca Cola.

Movies are also part of the ballot, and (not surprisingly) The Dark Knight was included on the opening screen under the “Recent Votes From Good Baad Users” banner when I last checked out.

Furthermore, a “Current Top 5 Hottest Topics” list is included, whereas a “Worldometer” that arrives at an average using the votes put forwards by users is prominently on display. You can even subscribe to this Worldometer and have the information delivered straight to your inbox for maximum convenience.

All in all, the site attempts to be the definitive record of public opinion on the World Wide Web. While it can be argued that gauging something juts in terms of good and bad is not necessarily the most comprehensive approach (IE, not everything is black and white), the site plays out an interesting role, and a visit to it is advisable should you be looking for a quick overview on any given issue.

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More – Polls, Polls and More Polls

  • June 27, 2008

PollAuthority.comUp for a good poll? If so, head on over to PollAuthority, a new polling application which lets users create simple and customizable polls quickly. PollAuthority is an easy fix for website or blog polls; you don’t have to spend loads on a tailored solution.

Once you’ve created your free account, simply choose the template which suits your poll, customize the theme and drop a couple lines of script into your website. Other options include embedding Youtube videos, random system generated themes, blocking of repeat voters, poll reports/in depth analysis, and a single dashboard for complete control. No programming is necessary, nor will you need a database. It’s simple enough for everyone to use and it’s free. The base plan allows you to create as many polls as you like per month for no cost. Polls can be made public or kept private.

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More – Brand Association

  • June 18, 2008

YouTagem.comYou’re probably familiar with those word association tests psychologists use to get inside your head; well, YouTag’em is a site which uses the same principle to get a collective consensus about brands, countries and people. The setup is dead simple.

On the screen you’ll see a photo of a logo, such as the Nike swoosh, or you’ll see a celebrity or a country flag. Next you write down one word or phrase that comes to mind and submit it. Alternatively, you can see words/phrases that others have come up with, and you can guess what or whom they have in mind. You can skip photos and browse by section, i.e. country, person or brand. Register to save your entries.

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More – Does Your Site Need a Makeover

  • April 4, 2008

ShouldRedesign.comThere are a lot of websites out there, some gorgeous, some not so, and some which look as if they were assaulted by an epileptic with crayons in tow. Of these, the latter sort are tolerated perhaps because of age and perhaps because of authority.

Yet, there should be some outlet for people to express their dislike of these travesties of web design. That’s where ShouldRedesign comes in. Simply put, ShouldRedesign lets you vote whether a website needs a redesign or not. Some of the sites which the public has already placed in the makeover category are Fox news, the Drudge Report, TMZ, and Metafilter. It’s up to you to decide. By voting you’re doing a service to webmasters everywhere.

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More – Polling via Mobile Phone

  • February 13, 2008

Polleverywhere.comTired of the expensive equipment that goes along with public opinion polling? Poll Everywhere is an all-software alternative. Users select a question, a set number of answers, and an overall layout on Poll Everywhere’s website, and an audience is directed to text message their responses to a specific number.

The results can then be displayed in real time online or in a power point presentation. Even better, the first 100 responses are free, and for larger numbers of participants, Poll Everywhere offers competitive prices. The software is ideal for teachers, religious leaders, event planners, and all other speakers.

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More – Resolving Arguments, Once and For All

  • August 10, 2007

WhoIsWrong.comEver gotten yourself into a minor feud with a friend over a silly, yet somehow crucial question that couldn’t possibly be resolved without some outside input? For instance, your friend believes that in a tooth and claw battle a troll could do serious damage to a leprechaun, but you beg to differ. Rather than waste your time with endless all night discussions, you can now resolve your argument with WhoIsWrong.

com. Post any argument, no matter how small it may be, and resolve your conflicts with the crowd’s help. Sign up for free and put an end to your skirmishes once and for all, let the people decide who is wrong.

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More – Tapping The Wisdom of the Crowd

  • August 4, 2007

TwoCrowds.comTWOCrowds takes its namesake from the James Surowiecki’s book ‘The Wisdom of the Crowds’. Essentially a social networking site, TwoCrowds is hedging its bets with the group.

The site’s aim is to see if patterns emerge from collective predictions, proving the crowd’s knowledge over that of experts. So, you join, you write down predictions about politics, news, celebrities– whatever comes to your head. TwoCrowds will then run your predictions through Yahoo’s Content Analysis API and News Search API to find relevant correlations. All predictions are listed and the number of agreements is tallied. So far, the predictions run from the tame and fairly obvious, ‘Apple will release a phone,’ to the bizarre, ‘The human/dog hybrid that was created in 2014 will release a phone in 2021’. Join today to see how many people share your vision of the future.

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