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  • August 25, 2007

EdJoin.orgLooking for a job in education? is a job search engine that will provide you with lots of employment opportunities in California. By visiting this site you will be able to find a job as a teacher, or any other position in public education.

On you can also look at full and part time employment opportunities, which you will be able to apply for with just a few clicks.

There are, of course, many websites for finding jobs in lots of careers. However, it may be a good thing to have a specialized one in a particular activity and in a determined zone (in this case, the state of California). This can but give better results to its users. In the end, only those who try it will be able to tell.

You can use the site’s search tools to make customized searches. The more simple options are by district, and by using a map of California and clicking on the region you want to focus your search in.

However, the advanced search is the most powerful one you can use. From the time period going back to the last fourteen days, the last week or the last three days, to searching any of the words entered on the search bar or including them all, its tools are bound to give you the best results. An excellent idea is the option to look only for job openings with online applications. The searches can still be refined by county and by type of position (in teaching, or in any another field of education).

The homepage also includes a weekly spotlight opening to trap your attention from the start. In the FAQ section you will find instructions to use the site without difficulties. Answers are given for how to manage your account, how to apply for openings, how to attach files, and how to modify your application.

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