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  • August 12, 2007 is a website where private companies go public in a simulation to see how they would do.

Somewhat of a preview. In Their Own Words

TrialIPO is a free IPO analysis website where private companies can go public in a simulation to see if it’s actually beneficial to go public with a particular product or service and also to determine if it’s too soon. Even if you are not interested in an IPO, you can still sign up to use it for several benefits. And just because you sign up doesn’t mean that you will definitely go public in real life, you could use it for fun and to learn as well. Individuals sign up to trade your shares. You can go public in a simulation – track your performance – practice being a public company – examine market trends – spread the word and much more.

TrialIPO is also a social networking website where anyone can sign up to trade shares of trial IPOs – comment on trial IPOs – rate and review trial IPOs – get $5 million to trade – showcase your financial knowledge – connect with friends – become financial – social – savvy – start your own funds – provide advice to friends and much more.

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