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More – A Public Code Snippet Library

  • May 26, 2009

Refactory.orgA resource that has premiered recently, Refactory is a repository of code snippets that can be not only uploaded but also edited by anybody. Of course, the appeal of this portal is somehow limited, but those of you who are actively interested in programming are going to derive a lot of uses from it.

The structure of the site itself is not that dissimilar from other sites where users submit contents for all to weigh upon and improve, although it shows that the site has just started and that some functionalities will be added in the future. For the time being, you can see the most recent snippets that have been uploaded, whereas relevant terms can be found underneath the “language tags” and “keyword tags” banners.

On the whole, a new online destination that caters for a very specific public. If you are either a seasoned programmer that wants to share his expertise or a rookie that could use a hand, the Refactory website will hold something in store for you.

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