More – Amarillo Public Library

  • July 16, 2012

The Amarillo Public Library (APL) boasts access to 800,000 book titles, magazines and media materials. With access to five public locations, you can search among one of the largest online catalogs of resources and immerse yourself into the life of the Amarillo Public Library at This site provides a gap within the community and offers a steady stream of events, technology tips, services and classes; as well as providing an excellent place to hold non-profit community meetings.

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More – – Committed to Building Strong Neighborhoods.

  • June 24, 2012

Your go-to site for all Akron housing needs, aims to supply the community of the Akron Metropolitan area with the invaluable information and services necessary to successfully manage your housing situation. Whether you’re a consumer seeking to build or buy, a realtor seeking to sell, or a landlord looking for a way to connect to the community, you will find what you need with

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More – Share Video Moments

  • February 22, 2012

Brevidy.comBrevidy is a new social networking site where everything revolves around one thing: videos. On this site, you’re encouraged to share these moments that come to define your life, by uploading short clips that can be seen by those you choose only. You can have a group with all of your relatives, another with these friends you’ve known all your life, yet another one with your coworkers… if it’s people that for any reason or the other you feel like sharing some aspects of your life with, then you’ll be able to do it on Brevidy.

And if you want to share a video with the whole wide world then you can do it, too. You can set your channel as “Public”, and have all the content that you share there viewed and commented by every other user of the site.

Besides, the videos that are shared on Brevidy are split into different channels, in a bid to make everything flow along more nicely, and to let people find what they’re looking for much quicker. There’s channels focused on sports, on music, on comedy… and what’s found there can not only be commented, but also favorited and reshared.

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More – Find Google Plus Hangouts

  • November 30, 2011

Hangout Canopy is a new Chrome extension that lets you know about public hangouts that you’d most likely be interested in joining. This service keeps an eye on your friend’s public activity, and whenever any of them is joining a new hangout then you’ll get to know about it. This information is displayed on a window that you can see at all times, and which makes it really easy to join any hangout that looks like good fun. And in addition to showing you all the public hangouts that your friends are joining, this window can display all the private hangouts that they are becoming part of.

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More – Write Open Letters

  • October 3, 2011

MyOpenLetter.inWhat further proof do we need that everything is going social than a site like My Open Letter? Here, people are allowed to write and publish letters that are essentially public. Yes, that’s right. Users of this service can post letters online that can be seen not only by their intended recipients, but also by every person who sets his browser to

Using the site involves supplying your name, the name of the person you’re sending the letter to, and then typing down the actual letter. A WYSIWYG makes that last part really easy. You’ll be able to change the font you’re using, and insert everything from smileys and hyperlinks to images and Flash animations. Once the letter is ready, it will go live for your friend and the whole wide world to read it.

My Open Letter is a free service, and people aren’t even required to sign up to get started. And they’re not limited in what they can and can’t disclose on the letters they end up writing and posting.

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More – Share Your Dropbox Files

  • March 25, 2011

Views.fmAs great as Dropbox is for sharing files, there are some aspects of its user interface that could use an overhaul. For example, sharing a whole folder it is not really something that can be done that easily. And the way in which Dropbox previews images could also be more elegant.

The ones who have developed this application certainly knew as much. can be termed a new user interface for Dropbox. Broadly speaking, we could say it gives Dropbox users a chance to present their content with a further touch of finesse and class.

Users of are provided with rich thumbnail views for all their content, and they can actually share the content in as much of a private or public way as they deem suitable. And any file that they label as private or public can be modified later on, so that a folder that was created for coworkers can also be made public to clients if that is needed at any later point.

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More – Create Laws Collectively

  • March 23, 2011

LexPop.orgTo a certain extent, LexPop makes you think of Wikipedia since it is a site in which people can collaborate towards a common goal. Yet, there are many substantial differences. The first is what people collaborate for. In this case, the common goal that is pursued is the creation of laws for the betterment of society. And the ways in which people can actually collaborate are more developed than the ways in which people can interact with each other on Wikipedia.

On LexPop, pieces of legislation can be actively researched, discussed and outlined by participants. Everybody can have his say, and explain why this or that law should be shaped in any particular way, IE which course is the one towards absolute fairness.

This site is interesting to say the least. If it is successful, laws which are 100 % publicly-created will become a tangible reality. Of course, these laws will be fair and democratic concerning the ones who took part in their creation only. They would never be representative of society on the whole, for the simple fact that not the whole society will participate in their creation. But that is something to be debated elsewhere…

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More – Make Documents Public

  • March 15, 2011

DocumentCloud.orgDocument Cloud is a platform that is primarily meant to be used by journalists who are reporting on (or publishing) primary source documents. They will be able to have their documents run through OpenCalais, and get comprehensive information on all the places, people and organizations that are mentioned in the document. Plus, Document Cloud can look at all the dates that are mentioned on the original text, have them plotted on a timeline, and let them know about documents that are related to what they have written.

Additionally, reporters will be able to annotate their documents with both public and private notes. That will make it very easy for them to organize their thoughts, and also to point readers to specific portions of their texts.

And those who decide to make their documents public through the Document Cloud website will be enabling people from all over the world to use and quote them on their own sites (and blogs). This public catalog already has thousands of documents that can be freely accessed.

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More – Turn Your iPhone Into A Walkie Talkie

  • March 3, 2011

HeyTell.comThe title of this review might make this iPhone app look a bit bland, and if turning your mobile into a walkie talkie was all Hey Tell did it would indeed be a bland app beyond belief. I mean, the only ones who could derive any uses from it would be people in their mid-to-late 30s wanting to relive some childhood memories.

The truth is that Hey Tell has got more going for it. You see, this app lets you broadcast what you are saying to every other person who is near. That opens up quite an interesting range of applications. To all intent and purposes, it turns Hey Tell into something akin to a location-based random voice chat. You start your transmission, and all the people in your immediate proximity will get what you are saying.

That is very useful in itself. And a fact is a fact – this app has got a fun quotient that tells it apart from the many other group messaging apps out there. That makes it instantly noticeable. And if you were a 80s kid, then this app is bringing lots of memories for good.

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More – Free Group Chat

  • February 10, 2011

Convore.comA Y Combinator startup, Convore provides a smooth context in which to have group conversations. Users of Convore are allowed to create chats that can be as public or private as they need them to be, and each of these can deal with multiple topics at the same time.

People who are taking part of a conversation can invite their friends on both Twitter and Facebook to join these rooms, and when it comes to private conversations a moderator will have to authorize the participation of those who want to join in.

One of the best features of Convore is how it lets you see statistical information such as who has received, sent and read the biggest amount of direct messages within any conversation. That is really practical for the simple reason that it will let you find the most committed participants when things get too noisy for comfort, and interact with them until the volume is lowered.

Convore can be used for free. Some paid features are meant to be added in due time, but the basic service (as described above) is remaining usable by just everybody, everywhere.

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More – Recording Answers To Questions

  • November 22, 2010

Intervue.meIntervue offers people the chance to have questions asked and answered in an involving fashion, as the site favors the recording of video replies as the way in which insight and knowledge is shared.

That is the main difference with the many other Q & A sites that populate the Web, and it must be said that the site works pretty well for a change. The fact that the answers have to be kept concise (no more than 60 seconds) really helps. Nobody meanders on Intervue.

And once a video reply has been posted, then other people can proceed to comment on it and remark how accurate (or not) that particular answer has been. Plus, each and every video reply that is posted can then be downloaded as a MP4, taken on your pendrive and consulted when you are offline.

In any case, it must be mentioned that questions and answers can be kept private. It all depends on what you are going to ask, and to whom.

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More – Save Your Files As PDFs & Share Them

  • September 14, 2010

Doocu.comDoocu is a new platform that will let you take a text document and have it uploaded and converted into a PDF that can then be shared as publicly or privately as you want.

This service is provided at just no cost.

And once you have uploaded and converted a good couple of files, you can then begin grouping them for even easier reference. You will be able to find them more easily afterwards, and the same can be said about the ones that you want to share them with.

In actuality, the input files that are supported include not only text documents but also images – these will be turned into a PDF in an equally simple way. And you are not limited to sharing just your own files, as you will be enabled to share the files that your friends are sharing publicly with everybody.

You can create your own account and get started by merely furnishing your desired username, a password to go with it and a valid email address. No other information is asked.

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More – A Direct Publishing Platform

  • September 12, 2010

Ontext.infoA site that is available both in Russian and in English, Ontext will let those of you who find even Tumblr too complex post their very own content online. Just to give you an idea of how simple the whole platform is, to use Ontext you don’t even need to sign up beforehand.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to authenticate who you are via Facebook or Twitter. The site is entirely usable on the fly.

All you have to do is to type the name for the post that you are going to publish and then supply the text in question for it to become published and indexed by search engines.

Still, it is important to stress that you can implement some privacy features if that’s what you want. This is mainly accomplished by publishing content that is password-protected. In that particular case, the text won’t be indexed by search engines. It will remain invisible to them, and only the friends you share the password with will be able to see it.

A site like this one might be just a little too simplistic for its own good. Also, the English version leaves quite a bit to be desired in terms of translation. But the core service (IE, letting you create and post your own content) is efficiently provided. I guess that’s the only thing that should really matter, in the end.

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More – Build Your Resume & Share It

  • September 9, 2010

HappyCV.comSending resumes to prospective employers has become a thing of the past. Now, sites like Happy CV champion a radically different approach – it is them who should come to the resume.

On this site, people can build their very own resumes by adding and editing all their information as much as they like until they have come with one that shows who they truly are in every sense. It is all done using a supple interface. You don’t need to type a single line of code in order to modify the way in which your resume will look.

And once the resume has been created users can proceed to set its level of visibility. It is perfectly possible to make it 100 % public. That might be a good idea – you never know who might see your resume and choose to contact you.

Finally, it must be mentioned that all the resumes which are hosted on Happy CV come complete with PDF and print support options. That makes it even easier for people who see (and like) your resume to take it with them and evaluate your skills more thoroughly.

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More – A Search Tool For Facebook

  • June 4, 2010

YourOpenbook.orgIf you don’t have a Facebook account but you really want to know what other people do on this social network, you just have to visit On this site you will be able to use a search engine that allows you to find public Facebook updates.

If Facebook’s users set their privacy options to allow everybody to get access to their public profiles, you can check their Facebook updates through Openbook. On you can learn how to use this application to search any Facebook user, and get the latest information of their public profiles. Remember, you don’t need to have Facebook account to use this tool.

Feel free to stop by if you want to take a look at public updates by using this search engine. On this site you can also find data about Facebook privacy options and settings, as well as reading some press articles about this site features. Additionally, Twitter followers can stay up-to-date on news by using their Twitter account.

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More – Manage Your Reputation

  • January 25, 2010

ReputationArmor.comReputation Armor is a tool that can be employed in order to remove negative search engine results from the top of search engines. It can be concisely defined as a true reputation management resource on the World Wide Web.

On first looks, one might think such a service is unethical but if you think about it twice then you do realize that many times negative criticism is ill-founded and a mere action of retaliation on unhappy customers.

Through the site you will be capable of removing not only complaints but also rip off reports, blogs posts and news that do not paint a good (and accurate) image of what you company is all about. In this way, feedback that is damaging can be kept at bay, and no slanders or abusive talk will surface when anybody looks up your brand online.

Additionally, the site offers free tips and tools though the website along with a free consultation regarding how to best handle any online reputation management crisis that might rise its ugly head. And search engine marketing techniques are likewise provided for users to learn how to give their sites that extra boost.

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More – A Very Easy Way To Share Images

  • January 18, 2010

Yogile.comPhoto sharing is as popular as ever, and it is nice to see sites like Yogile materialize if only because they makes the process of sharing images with others as private or public as the one creating the album wishes.

That is, Yogile makes it very simple to share photos privately or in groups, and it lets everyone put their photos in the very same place.

This is specially useful when it comes to events such as wedding or birthday parties – everybody can easily upload his/her own photos and add them to the ones which other attendees have submitted. That is certainly useful if we think of how easy it is for photos related to any event to become spread the breadth and length of Facebook or related social sites. Plus, photos within Facebook are not really accessible by everybody – it might even be possible that a person will not be able to see the images of a party he had organized himself.

No account is needed at all to upload any image – you (as the page creator) are provided with a password that you just give to your friends and family, and they will be ready to add photos straightaway.

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More – Connect Yourself With The World

  • December 9, 2009

MySnacs.comSnac can be termed a free mobile app which enables users to access content in all major social destinations on the web today. That includes not only Facebook and Twitter but also services such as Flickr, while email providers like Gmail are also accessible.

In that way, Snac lets the user have ready access to the latest news and updates through a centralized dashboard which offers up that information at a mere glance.

When it comes to the devices which are supported, nearly 300 phones are already taken into consideration. A clear effort has been made to enable everybody to stay connected, and both those that have low-cost handsets and the ones who are proud owners of the latest smart devices will be able to use Snac.

Furthermore, this app works both ways as it not only gives consumers extended access to content, but it also enables brands to reach out to consumers. That is, brands can easily and cost-effectively distribute their own dynamic content on the dashboard that was mentioned above to increase visibility and engagement.

Ultimately, more than 60 million Americans use the mobile Web on a monthly basis, and brands don’t really have the possibility to reach them directly – the carriers have always had the last word. A system like this one goes some way into changing that, and it clearly has enough points of merit to engage both punters and brands.

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More – California Libraries Online Catalog

  • October 7, 2009

Are you looking for libraries in California? If that is so, then might be an interesting site for you to visit. Through the site you can search for California libraries and you can find libraries in California, with a few clicks.

Many users stop by to search for public libraries in California and to find California public libraries online. Those who are looking for books online, can visit the site to find a database of California libraries. In addition, you can access California public libraries to find books online. is a site that works with libraries throughout California to provide you with a California libraries catalog that features information about California public libraries. Also, you can use the site to search for school libraries in California and to find school libraries online. To sum up, if you live in california and you need to find California libraries, you can try this website out.

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A Popular Industry Blog –

  • September 23, 2009

A Popular Industry BlogSocial Media Explorer is a blog where you are going to find catchy articles covering an interesting variety of social media tools and platforms that will be useful for many users. Why? Because those who want to know about a variety of policies that are directly related to the many ways they can improve their businesses getting in touch with their customers, will learn how to do it fast and simply. is written by Jason Falls who is a social media, public relations and communications consultant that works for a variety of clients that want to improve their revenue. Learn more about him at A Popular Industry Blog

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