More – Nightlife In The US

  • January 24, 2012

TheAlky.comWith websites like The Alky around, you have no excuse for staying at home on a Friday night. The Alky can show you the best bars and pubs to visit close to wherever you are, and it can do so in a couple of clicks. The site features an interactive map that covers the US from coast to coast, and just by clicking on the State you live in (or the one you find yourself into) you’ll get to know how nightlife can be enjoyed to the full there.

Besides, the site features the best of the best bars on its homepage. So, it’s very easy to find a good spot to hit, even if you have almost no time to check the site out. Just a look at the homepage will do.

And in addition to listing the coolest bars and pubs, the site features a whole section where you can get nothing but drink recipes. What better way to make any party that you’re hosting yourself come alive than checking a good couple of these recipes out? The ingredients are never that expensive, and you’ll be able to get the recipes ready even if you’ve never made a drink in your life before.

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More – Watch venues in all the globe

  • November 25, 2011

Baladacam.comGeorge Orwell, author of the novel “1984” written in 1948, foresaw a society in which every citizen was seen all the time by “Big Brother”, the strict ruler in that story. Each day that passes by, the internet manages to proof his ability to imagine future realities, and sites like contribute to this. Balada is a place to promote your bar, restaurant or dancing club through a live webcam, so that possible clients can see what type of place it is and decide to visit it. The promotional video included in the site itself defines it as the “Big Brother” of Bars.

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More – Socialize & Drink At The Same Time

  • January 9, 2010

DrinkedIn.netA new social resource that goes by a memorable name, DrinkedIn will let you socialize and meet new people over a drink or two. The site is aimed at “proud drinkers” to use the phrase that the guys responsible for the site have chosen to promote themselves, and it comes complete with features such as pub reviews that are entirely user-fueled.

DrinkedIn is a free site to join, and one of the main features of such social resources (that of creating groups and inviting buddies that you know from the real world or that you get to know from the site) is actively encouraged. And once your group is up and running you can create events and invite everybody to attend. Afterwards, you can upload and share both photos and videos.

I think that anything that gives people a chance to be less lonely is a good resource, and as long as thing don’t get out of hand this site plays that very same role. Again, as long as everything is kept to social drinking it should work out healthily-enough in practice.

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More – Finding New Places Through Your Friends

  • December 11, 2009

Placebeat.comThose of you who have fallen for Facebook and social networking on the whole are well advised to set your browsers to the Placebeat website. In principle, it offers a functionality that will empower you to take your Facebook experience one step further and find new places you might like to hang out through a reliable source indeed: your friends.

That is, Placebeat will let you see which social haunts and venues are among your friends’ favorite ones and present the connections back to you so that you become aware of which places those you have chosen to befriend online are partial to. That is certainly more effective than carrying out a search and reading reviews that have been penned by people you know nothing about.

Moreover, each spot that is recommended through this service is spotlighted by way of images and videos that (again) come from your Facebook friends. Since cities from all over the world are covered, chances are that if the concept at the heart of Placebeat sounds enticing you will be able to see it in full swing just by visiting the site.

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MastersGames.Com – Masters Traditional Games

  • June 18, 2008

MastersGames.ComThe Masters Traditional Games is the quality traditional games shop. Here you will find beautiful hand make games made from quality materials in the traditional way, gaming equipment from the oldest and best manufacturers in the trade, robust games designed to last in public environments, and unusual traditional games that are difficult to find.

You can look for the game you want by browsing the categories located at the top of the homepage as draughts’ tiles. These categories are: Table Games, Pub Games, Giant Games, Board Games, Outdoors, Dice Cards and Tiles, and Used and Antique. You will also find some shortcuts at the right hand side of the homepage including Chess, Go, Croquet, Skittles, Bowls, Poker Sets, and Casino Games. You will find games such as bar billiards, table football, table tennis, pool, chess, draughts, Chinese checkers, shogi, and much more. At Masters Traditional Games one of their core goals is to ensure that games that have been played in pubs for centuries don’t die out due to lack of equipment. MastersGames.Com

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More – Western Portuguese Delights

  • April 23, 2008

Sdportugalia.comThe next time you are in San Diego, you need to think twice before going to get those fish tacos from your favorite restaurant. Instead, why not try for something a little more exotic and fanciful on your next journey through Southern California. is the web site for Portugalia, a Portuguese restaurant and pub located in San Diego. This site has all the information on Portugalia so that your next dining experience will contain a bit of the flare and the panache of Portuguese cuisine. The site will help you get accustomed to the sights, smells, and wonderful dishes that await you at this innovative restaurant and pub. You can learn about the restaurant’s owners and browse the menu. Or, you can even study up on Portugal so that you have a cultural understanding before you ingest the delectable morsels from Iberia. And, if you are in love with Portuguese food, you can also learn about catering and reception opportunities.

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More – US Beer bar & brewery directory

  • November 13, 2007

Pubcrawler.comProviding extensive listing for Beer bars, beer manufacturers and microbreweries, this site is bound to dazzle both gourmet beer drinkers and plain beer lovers alike. You can search based on city or state parameters, so you are sure to find a place near you where to chill out and have a beer, plus the site randomly shows one beer establishment review each time you click into it, so you can watch out for crummy places as well.

The site is kept by its supporters, which means that you can get very different opinions when looking into different places, as it is readers that give their opinion on how each pub is doing, how good the beer they are serving is, and in general terms whether or not it is worthwhile stopping there. Although it mainly focuses on US venues, you can get some information on Canadian beer, and some other countries, like Australia, Belgium, Barbados, Cuba, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Grenada, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Sweden, Ukraine, Virgin Islands, Wales and Yugoslavia.

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