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  • July 14, 2008

PsyWarrior.comPsychological Operations, or sometimes known as Psychological Warfare is a weapon that many times is left aside in the history books and manuals. That’s why if you are looking for information about this psychological weapon you might find everything in this site.

In you will be able to read general information about what it really is and how the commanders used it in the past. Besides, you will be able to read the biography of one of the pioneers in the use of this weapon, the “Psywarrior”, Ed Rouse, from his first years in the army until today. Furthermore, if you want to know how this weapon has been used all through out the history of the United States then there is a section named “PSYOP History” were you will be able to identify this weapon in many of the wars and conflicts in which the US Army has been involved. If this site isn’t enough then it provides a list of links that will lead you to other sites that talk about this same topic: Psychological Operations during war periods. Enter and get to know a little more about the US Army and its strategies in the battlefield.

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