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  • February 22, 2008

KYKO psychometric tests integrate six schools of personality theories to explain human behaviour based on the theoretical construct of the need theorists. KYKO personality formula is derived from the narrative of a person in a scenario in a context and the context is then converted into a KYKO formula

This means that all tests are tailored to specific job roles.

Many of these have already been created, such as tests for Entrepreneurs, Senior Managers, Managers, Sales & Marketing Managers, Sales Professionals through to Teachers, Graduates etc.

The best way to use KYKO is to develop tests for all job roles in an organisation, using benchmarking of the best staff to measure what you are striving for. If you then test all staff you can have knowledge of where individuals best fit, what potential conflict areas you have, what the best ways to motivate and managing individuals, identifying who needs training and those where training would not make sense, a method to identify the best candidates for job fit, a method to measure training effectiveness, a basis to initiate and focus coaching and mentoring, a tool to aid succession planning, career paths and even the identification of dubious individuals.

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