More – Psychodelia Is Back

  • April 2, 2008

DougBot.comSome decades before, the Psychodelia was born with the discovery of LSD by Albert Hoffman, who was an old famous scientific. This discovery had repercussions in all art areas.

Hippies were the ones that started promoting this psychoactive substance while they were in Woodstock listening rock n’ roll. There were lot´s of great music bands and musicians that were influenced by this current for example Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Who, Lou Reed and much more. But as it was said, not only music was influeced by this current. has lots of psychodelic paintings to show, and that´s the only thing you can find there. Doug Williams expose his paintings, which are very colourful with strange textures, clearly describing different types of sensations. The paintings are also really bizarre and you won´t find them in easily on the internet. If you are an art fanatic this web site could attract your attention, you’ll find extremely odd pictures there.

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