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  • February 17, 2008 is a site from where users can get tarot and clairvoyant readings from a trustworthy source, as all the Psychics that work in the site have been prescreened to ensure professionalism.

The services offered by this site are very diverse, and include live online readings, mail interpretations and phone services as well. Other than these paid services, users will be able to find profiles on psychics, a discussion forum, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes, plus several free resources, like a dictionary of psychic terms, exclusive articles on related topics and stories on spiritual experiences. If you suspect you might have psychic abilities, give the ‘Am I Psychic Test’ a try to find out, and if you are already one, you can join the site’s network to do online readings.

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  • September 26, 2007

www.keen.comNeed advice? Or just someone friendly to talk to? Are you heart broken? Keen, your personal advisor, is where you get live, immediate advice for your everyday life. You can get answers anytime and anywhere by calling one of the psychics on Keen toll free today.

This site helps you find the right person and then connects you privately over the phone for a per-minute rate. It offers a grate variety of services such as: psychic readings, tarot readings, astrology readings, love readings and relationship advice from advisors who claim to be experienced in giving love advice and finding solutions to your relationship problems. Most of the times, this means mending a broken heart or guiding you to a spiritual fulfilling life. This website helps you easily have access to the advice you need by letting you chose a skilled advisor in counseling and therapy, relationship advice, life coaching or psychics and astrology. Get love help or romantic tips to find your soul mate today too. As a new customer, you’re eligible for a free first psychic reading as well. There’re also many blogs available for you to be part of conversations by leaving comments. You can even subscribe to your favorites and get blog updates with RSS. If you want to let the zodiac guide you to a better relationship and a fulfilling life, there’s a free daily horoscope based on your sign’s astrological charts which is delivered via e-mail too. If you want to get personalized advice you just need to follow three easy steps to get started: fist, search the site’s directory to find the right person to give you advice. Then, click “Call Now” next to the person you choose, and finally, your phone will ring and you’ll be connected to this person privately and safely by phone. You’ll have to pay the person’s per-minute fee for as long as you wish to speak on the phone. If you have only one phone line for both Internet and phone, you can still make and receive calls if you sign out before your advisor calls you. To do so you have to get ready first by saving all your work in applications, such as e-mail, which connect you to the Internet. Then close the applications. Afterwards, click “Call Now” when you have already chosen the person you want to get advice from. After that, you have about 15 seconds to disconnect from the Internet, until your phone rings. If you haven’t yet signed out, your phone line will still be busy. Your advisor will try to contact you two more times over the next minute. If you’re online while receiving a call, you must click the “Notify Me of Incoming Calls” link in the My Availability section on the My Account category. When you click “Call Now” a pop-up window will appear on your screen telling you that your advisor is trying to call you. In spite of this, you can do whatever you want online; you don’t need to be on the Keen website in order for this pop-up to appear. Afterwards you have to disconnect from the Internet and your call will begin. Just like when using the same phone line for Internet and phone, you’ll be able to receive your call if you’re signed out, and if you haven’t signed out yet your phone line will be busy and your advisor will try to call you two more times over the next minute. This site also gives you the opportunity of using your cell phone for calls while remaining online via your regular phone line. You can also get for free a customizable Internet answering machine that lets you know if you have an incoming call and will take a message for you, using your own customized message. To get this service you must have call forwarding on your phone service.

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  • September 25, 2007

KarmaAir.comKarma Air streams, podcasts and provides on-demand radio programs that deal with love, romance, human interest, sports, environmental green topics and provides a twist by utilizing astrology and psychics as proofs. They have a program that utilizes astrology to make fantasy sports picks, and the Astrologer utilizing this method, is ranked in the top 5 in the world using only astrology to make his picks.

In addition, they have up and coming as well as, past celebrity interviews, talk about their causes and they provide them with astrological readings to let them know what they can expect. Previous guests have included Curtis Armstrong (Booger from Revenge of the Nerds), Emma Caulfield (Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Richard Roundtree (Shaft).

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