More – Going Through Facebook Profiles

  • May 26, 2010

StatusProwl.comThe ways people befriend others in Facebook are anything but standard, and while some are absolute introverts that befriend only two or three individuals each month there are others that race to the 5,000 followers mark without rhyme or reason. There are also people who fall somewhere in between these two groups, and who try and make a lot of friends, but not in an arbitrary way – rather, they send out friend requests based on something.

A look at the person’s profile picture and his or her latest status update is often enough information for these individuals to send out the request. And the Status Prowler website makes finding that information easier than ever.

In principle, the site will let you specify a couple of keywords or a phrase to be looked up in the status of Facebook users whose profiles are public. Additionally, you can request that only males or females be included as part of the results. In any case, each and every match that is found comes complete with the person’s profile picture.

When thinking what good this service is for one has to conclude that the vast majority of uses will turn to it to find a romantic partner. But the site is open to uses as diverse as the number of people that are on Facebook. Dealing with an assignment, finding a roommate… whatever you have in mind, this site will let you do it for sure.

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