More – Italian Cities And Towns

  • June 25, 2008

En.comuni-italiani.itIn En.comuni-italiani.

it you will find out an incredible amount of resources related to Italian cities and towns. If you are an assiduous traveler, or are planning to visit Italy someday, you won’t find a more complete source for Italian information on the internet. Anything you can think of you will find it here: statistics, weather, physical maps, routes maps, photos, and much more, featuring every single Italian place. At the homepage you will see long lists of links; there you will be able to search the place you are looking for by region (Calabria, Lombardy, Molise) or by Province (Florence, Sicilia, Lecce). All the places are organized in alphabetical order, so that you can find it easily. Click any of the linked names of provinces or regions to enter its specific section and check the resources available. Within each region’s section you will be able to access demographic information, such as capitals, municipalities, population, and more.

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