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Why Hitop—– two words: quality & service

  • January 3, 2008

Hitop Industrial (HK) CO., Ltd is a high-tech mold maker, mainly engaged in the production of modern precision mould.

We offer the following service: 1) Project management; 2) Mould design 3) Injection/molding ; 4) Assembly. A full set of services with high quality and good price. After some cooperation with some European, American and Japanese company, we have accumulated a lot of experience and had a strong technical force of top-notch mould professionals.Our products widely used in auto parts, home appliances, household products, computer peripheral products, communication parts, consumer electronics, bottle caps embryo, plastic tableware, office supplies, picture frame, etc. We have built long business relationship in straight or indirect way with Valeo HP, TOYOTA,PHILIPS, CASIO, KYOCERA, RICOH, KINPO, ARRK and TANITA, etc.
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